Salon Bella Opens With Aveda and the Freestylist

Salon BellaLooking for an eco-conscious salon?

With the motto, “Your Beauty, Your Way” Salon Bella, at 373 Stoneridge Lane/Gahanna in Ohio, opened its doors this fall.
As an Aveda Concept salon they are the only salon in central Ohio with The Freestylist, Free-Floating Dryer Support System.

The Freestylist is the weightless blow-drying system. By supporting the total weight of the dryers, the system suspends them from the ceiling and automatically turns on and off when pulled up and down.

In addition to its unique visual appeal, the system extends the life of blow dryers, decreases landfill, and lessens the amount of tangled cords and dropped dryers. Originally designed for a stylist with carpal tunnel syndrome, the ergonomically-correct design reduces the pain and fatigue most stylists feel from the repetitive motion of blow-drying.
Owner, Cordell Dillon explained how they came about installing them: “The salon manager saw the Freestylist at a hair show and recommended that we purchase them. It’s a much more comfortable way for stylists to work, it reduces cord clutter, and because it looks so cool, it creates great word of mouth advertising.” Dillon’s team consists of Designers (Aveda Institute Graduates), Master Designers (5 years experience) and Artistic Directors (15+ years experience).

For more information call 614-472-3552 or log on to

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