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WWW.TEXASSTYLIST.COM Scammers Stealing from Cosmetologists

TDLR received reports of a scammer mailing

fake TDLR letters to license holders. The scammer

is targeting people with previous TDLR violations

and will likely mention those violations. He may

also say he is from the “sheriff’s office” or “OSHA”

and may indicate he is trying to help the business


This sophisticated scam includes

falsely telling business owners their

license is suspended and instruct-

ing them to get a “Business Surety

Bond.”The scammer also demands

money or payment with Green Dot

MoneyPak cards.

It appears the scam primarily tar-

gets Vietnamese and Spanish speak-

ers by providing false TDLR phone

numbers for these languages.

Please see the attached example of one type

of scam letter we have seen recently.


• TDLR will never ask you to pay a penalty

or fine without first sending a Notice of Alleged

Violation to you by certified mail.

• TDLR employees will never request or ac-

cept money or gift cards under any circumstanc-

es while visiting your business.

• TDLR does not request or accept payments

via Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

If you receive a suspicious call or email like this,

please contact your local law enforcement agen-

cy immediately. Impersonating a public servant is

a third-degree felony under the Texas Penal Code.

Scams like this one can happen anywhere.

Please use the information above to identify any

suspicious or potentially illegal activity. Please

also call TDLR at 800-803-9202 to verify we did

not contact you.

TDLR Program News

Barber Advisory Board:

Linda G. Connor, Presiding Officer

Michelle Narlo, Jennifer Grisham,

Ronald Brown, James Bowens

Cosmetology Advisory Board:

Glenda Jemison, Presiding Officer

Aleshia Rivera, Ron Robinson,

Marisela Higgins, Vanessa Robbins, Claudia Avalos,

Natalie Caballero, Cora Lee Walters

Anthony Anderson,

Diane Salazar,

(512) 463-6599 or 1-800-803-9202


P.O. Box 12157 Austin, Texas 78711


P.O. Box 12157 Austin, Texas 78711

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