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business when Sally’s only been in the

industry for five years. Sam is upset Sandy

left her salon in favor of owning a salon

suite while Sandy is upset Sam wouldn’t

accommodate her request to rent a chair

within Sam’s salon when she topped out

of the commission model.

For as often as we love to change our

hair, it’s incredible how resistant most

hair professionals are to changing salon

procedures, systems, strategies, and

ideas. It’s time we leave prior notions of

how things “should” be done within our

industry back in 2017 in order to open

ourselves up to the myriad ways things

can be done in 2018.

Silo mentality

. Within the hair indus-

try it is so easy to slip into a silo mentality,

regardless of where you’re working. We

know filling our chairs, satisfying our clients, and

increasing the size of our paychecks are ultimately

our own responsibility. That’s a lot of pressure, and

it can have the effect of putting us in silos with

only enough time and energy to look out for our

own interests.

We must devote time and energy to building

each other up. Even if you’re the only hair profes-

sional in your salon, you are not alone. It is time we

look at every hair professional as a co-worker and

partner-in-crime. Community, sisterhood/brother-

hood, and camaraderie are the new black. How can

we all help each other to achieve all of our goals in


If you want 2018 to be different, you must be

different. Say goodbye to your excuses, precon-

ceived notions of how things “should” be done,

and any remnants of silo mentality. Those things

have no place in 2018 if it is going to be a year of

success, growth, and unity.

Ali Davidson is the Director of Associated Hair Professionals (AHP), which provides advanced edu-

cation, business resources, marketing materials, career support, and liability insurance to hair-

stylists and barbers. For more information visit or

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