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Movember is an annual event which centers on

raising awareness of men’s health issues. As a way

to show support and to drive action and involve-

ment, during the month of November men typi-

cally growmustaches and raise money to support

men’s mental and health issues, such as prostate

cancer, testicular cancer and male suicide.

For men, life moments can challenge their

beliefs of masculinity and the traditional expecta-

tions of being the provider, always being strong,

invulnerable and in control. When they are vulner-

able, life can be filled with doubt and uncertainty.

As many men do, they keep their struggle

private and don’t want to burden others with

their problems. This attitude is so unhealthy and

damaging, yet it’s so common. As a society, we can

often overlook men’s mental and physical health,

maybe because we too have bought into the idea

to be male is to be strong physically and mentally.

Men have needs too and this month is an at-

tempt to bring awareness and focus on them.

Men have been put in the position of being the

breadwinner, the pillar of the family and the care-

giver. They have been told they must be the rock

of society. We might not have realized it before but

it’s high time we do; men need to be supported in

taking care of their bodies and their souls.

Women on the other hand have a much big-

ger focus on their health. They know all about the

importance of having regular checkups and have

been educated at great length about the possible

and all too common health complications of being

female. October is the month used to bring clar-

ity to the number of people who are affected by

breast cancer, for example.

Women have also been taught over the years

what is needed to fill our emotional vessel so as

not to get depleted. Now we knowmen have the

same needs too. One of the simplest ways to feel

taken care of is to take care of our hands and feet.

Services like manis and pedis are simple pleasures

for both sexes. Taking time for our extremities is a

quick way to feel special, relaxed, and pampered.

Advertising to men means pointing out how

to take care of our bodies and the direct correla-

tion our hands and feet have with everything else.

These services are not only for appearances but for

health reasons too.

Unhealthy feet, for example, can lead to all

kinds of infections entering our bloodstreams and

making us ill. Advanced cases of foot fungus or

skin infections can greatly affect our liver, kidneys,

The Nail Extension

Elizabeth Morris