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WWW.NWSTYLIST.COM GroomYour Way to Male-Focused Services

With the month of November becoming

synonymous with “Movember Movement” and

a spotlight on men’s health, there’s a huge focus

on male grooming and haircolor. Men who grow

facial hair often find it is much more high-main-

tenance than they expect. To avoid the unkept,

caveman look, they may seek grooming services

at a salon.

Knowing how to give a good shave and a

haircut will help you meet their expectations, but

why not seize this opportunity to grow your busi-

ness by offering them haircolor and brow services

as well?

Men, especially actors and models, are forced

to compete to look good and stay young-looking

in the professional world; hair grooming is a huge

part of it. Perhaps that’s why men’s grooming is

one of the fastest growing categories of services

offered at salons today.

A Top Growing Trend Is Haircolor for Guys

Many men find their facial haircolor doesn’t

match the haircolor on their head. Additionally,

they may be concerned about showing too much

gray in both areas. They don’t need drugstore box

color; they need your expertise.

If a guy is just starting to go gray, an important

service to offer him is demicolor, which is a non-

permanent solution to haircoloring that fades

gradually on-tone over the course of about six

weeks. Demicolor offers a natural blended look

without a line of demarcation.

If a client only needs partial gray coverage,

offer some lowlights — quite popular with male

celebrities. A nice lowlight can be a quick solu-

tion and easy maintenance to simply reduce the

amount of gray and make him look up to 10 years

younger. (Contrarily, highlights are a nice quick

option for a younger guy who looks good with

some blonde in his hair!)

Men like quick services, so be on the lookout

for innovative gray coverage products that stylists

can use for faster results at the salon. Think color

that is applied and washed off within about 20

minutes. Look for such fast-acting gray coverage

colors at professional supply stores to help keep

your services fresh.

During your client’s haircut and/or color,

while you are working close to his eyebrows

or waiting for color to process, offer to give his

brows a good shaping too. You can start by do-


The Mane Objective

Marco Pelusi