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HLO Agency Staff:

Sylvie Donaldson, Director

Tina Russell, Licensing Manager

Bob Bothwell, Regulatory Manager

Board of Cosmetology:

Heidi Zuniga, Practitioner (Chair), Springfield

Michele Strobel, Practitioner , Eugene

Franklin Whatley, Practitioner, Portland

Roger Wert, Practitioner, Roseburg

Peggy McJunkin, Practitioner, Salem

Amber Starks, Practitioner, Portland

Public Member, VACANT

» » Board of Certified Advanced Esthetics

Public Comment Extended for Proposed

Rules - November 30, 2017 at 5 pm

Comments received after November 30, 2017,

will not be considered by the Health Licensing Of-

fice or the Board of Certified Advanced Esthetics.

Please send all public or questions to:

Samie Patnode, Policy Analyst

1430 Tandem Ave NE, Ste 180, Salem OR 97301

Work phone – (503)3731917

The Board of Certified Advanced Esthetic

(Board) meeting scheduled for November 8, 2017



due to extending the public com-

ment period for proposed rules. The extension

will allow interested parties additional time to

provide data, views and solutions to the pro-

posed rules. The board is scheduled to meet on

January 17, 2018 at 10 am to consider all public

comment including the hearing officer report,

then adopt permanent rules for an effective date

of March 1, 2018.

Proposed rules can be accessed at oha/PH/HLO/Documents/CAE-Proposed-Rule-100117.pdf Practice Clarification

Question: Is a certificate required whenmakeup art-

istry is being provided outside a salon and at the client’s

location, for example a bride’s home:

Answer: It depends. Some exemptions to licensure

do allow an individual to performmakeup artistry with-

out a certificate, depending on where the services are

being performed and the purpose of the service.

Examples of exemptions under ORS 690.025 that do

not depend on


the services are provided, but rather


what purpose

the services are being provided are:

• For the sole purpose of preparing an individual for

a professional film or video performance or a theat-

rical performance; and

• For the sole purpose of preparing an individual for

a professional photograph, provided that the per-

son that the person does not use any product that

alters the keratin of the individual’s hair.

In the original question the example was given of a

bride’s home. If the purpose of the services is



prepare the bride for a professional photograph, the

exemption for professional photography would apply.

However, if it is the bride’s wedding day, the exemption

likely does not apply as the purpose of the services

would extend just beyond the photographs and the

exemption would not apply.

Unlike the bride example, there are exemptions

where the location does matter when determining if

the exemption applies:

• Practitioners providing services at a charitable or

fund raising events; and

• Persons acting under the authority of a hospital or

long term care facility.

To summarize: it depends on the exemption in ques-