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WWW.OHIOSTYLIST.COM Ohio Cosmetology Board News

Board Members:

General Public

Independent Contractor

Cosmetologist & Salon Owner

Managing Cosmetologist

Private School of Cosmetology

Public School Instructor

Medical Doctor

Thomas Taneff

Steve Thompson

Valerie J. Benfer

Charles Penzone

Luke Hanks

Tasha L. Sheipline

Dr. Shalini Gupta

1929 Gateway Circle

Grove City, Ohio 43123

Local: (614) 466-3834

Statewide: 1-866-642-6723

Fax: (614) 644-6880


-mail: Web site:

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology

Are You an Independent Contractor or Employee?

The Ohio state board of Cosmetology requires

those working as Independent Contractors to have

an independent contractor license. The qualifica-

tions to obtain an Independent Contractors license

are an active manager’s license. If you question

whether you are an independent contractor or em-

ployee here are a few questions to ask.

• Who is responsible for state, federal or local


• Who will pay workmen’s compensation?

Asking the above questions will help in deter-

mining your license. Below you will find the answer

to the questions above under the Administrative

code (4713-13-02);

• The independent contractor is responsible for

paying the federal, state, local or other taxation

that is appropriate for the independent contractor

and any employees of the contractor;

• The independent contractor is responsible for

paying for workers’ compensation insurance or, in

the alternative for an individual practicing as an

independent contractor, insurance to cover any

injury or other liability that may occur while work-

ing in the salon. The independent contractor’ insur-

ance shall cover the independent contractor and

any employees of the independent contractor;

• The independent contractor is responsible for

the payment of health insurance, if health insur-

ance is provided;

As an employee your employer will withhold

state, federal, and local taxes. The employer is

also responsible for providing workman’s com-

pensation on you. Independent Contracting is

a business choice which makes you responsible

for yourself. To obtain an Independent Contrac-

tors license you may go to the board website: un

der forms and applications,

to find the Independent Contractor application.

Visit Our Website

Most questions that you may have as a

licensee can be answered on our website

A full version of the Ohio Administrative

and Revised Codes and Sanitation Regulations

are available along with a listing of approved

Continuing Education courses. Most forms and

applications also are available. The Frequently

Asked Questions (FAQ) tab contains detailed

explanations for most questions.