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| OHIO STYLIST & SALON | JUNE 2016 | 5 The Ultimate Tool for Independent Hairstylists

employees. The information contained on these

posters is valuable to all employees and references

rights for minimum wage, the medical and family

leave act, equal employment standards, safety and

health protection and other major administrative


You can complain about labor laws, scream

about how unfair they are and how they’re de-

stroying your business but in the end, if you want

to continue to run that business, you need to


If you still want to scream – consider doing it

in a productive way. There are organizations that

could use your voice to help inform state and

national legislators about the intricacies of the

beauty industry. Start with the Professional Beauty

Association (PBA). They keep an eye on everything

that is affecting our industry across the country

and can be a great resource.

Whether you’re making a move to start a busi-

ness, grappling with a major upheaval in law or

just want to be secure in the knowledge you’re

covering all bases, it’s important to know and un-

derstand these laws. The difference between suc-

cess and failure for your business could be in how

you handle issues like compliance.

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