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Raising the Education Bar




Keep Your Salon Compliant

If you’re a business owner, you know how the

responsibilities keep piling up. It’s easy to let

something slip off your plate as you handle some

pressing matter that comes up at that moment.

However, there is one thing you can’t forget or lose

focus on and that is your understanding of local,

state and federal labor laws.

There are a lot of changes facing labor laws

across the country and people in the beauty indus-

try are trying to figure how the changes will affect

them. A salon business can be extremely complex

– cash tips, independent contractors, commis-

sion sales -- that’s why it’s imperative you take the

time to understand the law as well as know where

you can find help. Everyone knows you have a

thousand things going on, but you still won’t be

afforded any leeway for not knowing the rules. So,

what can you do to protect yourself?

Go to Your State Labor BoardWebsite

Each state has an overview about that state’s

rules and regulations regarding labor laws, compli-

ance, liability and penalties. You can quickly access

pertinent information including contact phone

numbers to learn more. This is an efficient and

helpful way to get started on developing a check-

list of what it takes to be in compliance.

Have an Attorney ReviewYour Company Hand-

book and Compensation Structure

Utilize an attorney familiar with labor laws to

verify the language of your employee handbook

and compensation structure is legal. Their expertise

can help validate your business operations by de-

termining if you are adequately implementing the

rules for compliance. The wording is very important

because it is whether labor law information is stated

with clarity or vague that can result in possible legal

ramifications for your business.

If you experience a significant change in the

way you need to do business, be ready to make

modifications to your documentation and call your

attorney. The fees you pay for a thorough review

and revision will far outweigh the penalties you

could be required to pay by not fully understand-

ing the law. And besides, you’re probably not a

legal expert (if you are bravo!), so stick to what you

know and let someone well-versed in labor law

help you out.

Hang Labor Law Posters in Break Room

These posters have to be visible to working

staff at all times on the premises. They outline

what employers are legally obligated to provide