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indicates that the business wants the work done in

a certain way. If so, that person is an employee.


Look at what is your level of financial

risk? Employees are at low financial risk. Who pays for

supplies or other business expenses? Independent

contractors buy their own. What is your self-invest-

ment level? Employees do not invest in the business.


A person who

receives benefits including sick pay, vacation pay,

insurance or retirement benefits is an employee.

However, lack of benefits is not a clear-cut path to

being an independent contractor. The IRS will look

at the whole picture.

A written contract stating the relationship

between the parties can go a long way to estab-

lishing the independent contractor status if other

factors are unclear.

Which type of work status is better for you? The

answer may change throughout your career.

When some estheticians graduate they already

know they want to be their own boss. They cre-

ate their own setting and use previous business

experience to build a successful practice. Others

become independent contractors because they

can’t find a job in their field.

Starting a business is exciting but can also be

very challenging, even more so if you have no

experience running a business or funding to get


Before attempting to start your business, consid-

er additional training in both esthetics and business

operations to help ensure your success. It is impor-

tant to know that while three of four businesses

survive the first year, only 44 percent survive the first

four years.

You need all the preparedness you can get to

have a successful practice. Webinars, conferences

and training classes are available across the coun-

try. Business classes are available at community

colleges as well as online. An added incentive is

that postgraduate education to enhance your ca-

reer is most likely tax deductable.

There are some definite advantages to being

an employee. For a young mom busy raising kids,

it can be less stressful. You have set hours and you

have no after-hours work obligations. In the larger

spas benefits may include insurance and sick/vaca-

tion time.

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