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Newspapers are going more online and I have noted the online ver-

sions have less expensive advertising rates probably because the produc-

tion costs are lower. As with other types of marketing, it is important to

learn about a particular newspaper’s readership/viewership. If you go with

the online version, how many people are actually going to that page?

Check the website out to see how ads are viewed by the reader. How easy

is it to navigate the newspaper? Does the paper have “live links” so if a

consumer reads your ad they can click on a link that will take them directly

to your website? This is a newer trend and could be very beneficial to the


YouTube has become an interesting marketing approach. You can find

people demonstrating all sorts of different services as well as manufac-

turer’s now use this method to distribute information. How protected is

your submission? Can it be confiscated or used by unauthorized persons?

Does it drive clients back to you as opposed to others in the area? How

many LOCAL people will find it, and how? I think it has great promise, but

I think we need to do our research to effectively use it. If you want to use

this venue, who is going to write the script and who will be doing the

actual demonstration and the filming? How will editing be handled? Will it

be posted on YouTube or on your own website or both?

With mature clients digital marketing can be more difficult as they

may use a smart phone but they not be as comfortable with information

coming into them on it. The older the client’s age bracket, the more they

may prefer a reminder phone call or to receive a printed newsletter, in lieu

of a text or an email. The problem with this is the cost factors.

It was startling to realize that this year 70 percent of our business

holiday cards from suppliers and manufacturers were transmitted via

email – not the old fashioned way. The savings of labor, paper, postage

and recycling are great; with the only downside being it’s hard to hang

holiday emails up in a decorative manner. Despite all our digital efforts,

there are sometimes when that solid, hold it in your hands item beats

electronic transmissions completely.

Judith Culp, has been in the esthetics industry since 1980. She is the owner of NW Institute of Esthet-

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an Industry Icon 

Nail industry icon, Vicki Peters lost her short,

but dignified and valiant battle with cancer Dec.

31, 2014 with her three sisters by her side and

love pouring in from every corner of the globe.

During the week of Jan 18 - 24, the nail industry

honored Vicki’s birthday (Jan. 18) and her relent-

less contribution to the nail and beauty industry

by following one of her base mantras: Dress For


An award winning professional nail technician, Vicki Peters wowed

the industry with her championship nail expertise and professional

authority. As a cover artist and author, her exquisite work has been

published worldwide, more than any other nail service professional in

the history of the nail business. As a global educator, she trained tech-

nicians in over 18 countries as well as in the United States of America.

She pioneered the first live online educational program, developed

effective educational programs and videos for manufacturers, and has

consulted across the nail industry.

For more than 25 years Vicki Peters’ career took her from the

manicuring table to the competition arena as a competitor, judge and

competition director. This path led to more than 15 years of magazine

work with





Stylist Newspapers

and many others. Her work

has been featured on hundreds of magazine covers. 

Vicki Peters