Dream to Reality -- Starting Your Own Cosmetics Line

Is Private Label Right for You?

by Debbie Chow

Many young girls play with makeup, explore color combinations, practice on their friends, and dream of someday having their own makeup line. Does that remind you of someone you know?

As a beauty professional you may reflect on that dream to see your name and your brand on the makeup that you use on your clients. Can that dream become a reality?

You brand yourself each day with the quality service you offer and the products you use. Your loyal fan base might have a strong desire to purchase the products you are using on them. You are the expert and leave them looking fabulous. Your clients want to know how they can recreate that look at home using the same products you are using.

Recommend a department store, beauty supply store, or an online site. Or, consider selling to them directly, offering your own line of products and reap the benefits of building a business beyond you and your service, generating additional income.

What is involved in creating your own line of products? There is a perception it's too expensive (false), or the products won't meet your high standards (false), or you'll be required to purchase large quantities that will take years to sell through (false).

Get connected with a private label cosmetics company, one that will do the research and development, create a line of eye-catching products with high quality ingredients that will make you proud to put your name on it. Many companies help make it simple and affordable to have your own line and walk you through the process as a trusted advisor. Private label companies have made significant advances and they do much of the hard work up front.

Research a company that stays on top of current trends. What kind of product assortment do they offer, what innovations and new ingredients or technology is utilized? Some exceptional private label companies are incorporating advanced skin care technology in their products to produce superior results.

Ask about purchasing minimums. These days you can start a lipstick line with as little as 144 pieces, and expand at your own pace to offer a wide range – from foundation, to BB cream, eye shadows, brushes and more. Request samples and personally test all of the products.

You need a logo. Will you use your name to brand the product or create a new and unique name for your line? Some private label companies have the resources to coordinate logo designs that will complement your particular product packaging in a beautiful, sophisticated way.

Here's what you might not have thought of: According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation is required by the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, a law mandating that every cosmetic product and its ingredients be verified for safety before going to market, and that they contain no prohibited ingredients. As a makeup artist or salon owner you may not be knowledgeable about some of the governmental regulations when it comes to the details of your product and its packaging.

Working with a private label company provides peace of mind because they have the background and experience dealing with these regulatory agencies and making sure the products are up to code. When you are dealing with consumer safety issues you don't want to take any shortcuts.

Fulfill your creative ambition and don't get bogged down with too many details. Another benefit to private label companies is they will help keep you organized and on track. From start to finish you could have your cosmetics line completed in less than three months.

This should ignite your passion which will inspire excitement in your clients. Get them involved in the process. Talk to them. Find out what products they like, need and want. Discuss trends. Since you will ultimately be selling to your clients find out now what they love and can't live without.

Ask your best clients to test products out for you and give their honest feedback. If they like the products they are sure to recommend them to friends. They will also feel invested in the process with you and be rallying for your success.

Reflect on yourself as a young girl. What would she say and how would she feel if she heard the news she was getting her own makeup line. She would surely do cartwheels and tell everyone. Channel that positive energy and release it into the marketplace.

Starting your cosmetics line is hard work; however, when you have a private label company working alongside you, dreams really do come true.

Debbie Chow is the founder of Auraline Beauty, a line of professional, private label cosmetics. For more information 310-392-2091 or Debbie@auralinebeauty.com.