Give Your Mature Clientele Some "Thin-spiration"

by Jenny Hogan

Have you noticed your mature clients' hair is thinning, has less volume, or is lacking luster? If so, now is the perfect time to give them some "thin-spiration" with the newest technologies for healthy hair treatments.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy combined with professional healthy hair products offer clinically proven solutions to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Now, with the right haircare expertise, you can offer your mature clients a variety of thinning hair solutions to help them achieve fuller, thicker looking hair.

If you are familiar with a client's hair, you will recognize the first signs of thinning. Or, they may relay to you they are finding more hair in the drain, noticing finer hair around the temple areas or have less volume.

"One of the main signs of thinning hair that I see," said Star Ryan, owner of Star's Organic Spa in Wesley Chapel, Florida, "is that when I comb the hair it snags the comb, especially on the top. The density or fatness of each hair strand has thinned, which means the hair is starting to get finer and weaker."

Many factors contribute to thinning hair including genetics, medication, diet, stress and aging. Fifty percent of women will experience thinning hair by middle age due to factors like menopause or chemical damage.

Healthy Haircare For Mature Clients

The first course of action is to educate your clients on the basic necessities to maintain healthy hair. Advise them most hair products containing alcohol, DEA, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate or other toxic chemicals may thin and damage the hair. Ryan said she tells them, "A healthy scalp is just as important as healthy hair; because an unhealthy scalp will block the nutrients that filter into your hair follicle. It's very important that we feed our body internally as well as externally. Anything we put on our scalp is going to absorb into our bodies and chemicals will hinder the growth of your hair."

Ryan offers a full selection of organic haircare products with organic and gluten-free haircolor, highlights, perms and formaldehyde-free, vegan hair straightening systems. She also offers laser hair loss treatments along with oral supplements, topical scalp treatments and professional haircare maintenance products for thinning hair, hair loss and chemical damage.

She partners with the Hair Loss Control Clinic of Latham, New York to provide these specialized hair loss services. "Hair loss clients are typically long term clients, who are willing to commit the time and money necessary to get successful hair re-growth results," said William Blatter, president. "Investing in a clinic laser will potentially pay for itself with as few as four steady clients in one year. The hair loss market is worth $5.4 billion annually and every salon owner and hairstylist already has a potential hair loss clientele."

Laser hair loss treatments are clinically proven to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow and circulation within the scalp. Generally, a series of laser treatments are performed over a period of three to twelve months, with clients coming in once or twice a week for 20 to 30 minute visits. Hand-held lasers and home clinic lasers are also an option for clients without the time or money for regular weekly salon visits.

With 75 percent of all men affected by hair loss and 50 percent of women affected by thinning hair by middle age, every hairstylist needs to be marketing these valuable services before their competition starts. Providing hair loss services is a great way to build a loyal, needs-based clientele and increase service tickets.

Ryan said, "For clients already experiencing hair loss, I typically recommend a series of laser treatments. I relay to clients that as their hair loss did not occur overnight, it will take time to get new hair growth. Yet, the first fragile hairs that were snagging the comb and alerted us to that thinning issue will be stronger in about 30 days. Depending on their degree of hair loss, it may take six months to a year to grow hair back. The clients who do the full program will absolutely have very successful results."

Expertise For Thinning Hair

You can help your clients immediately, with some thinning hair tricks, while they're undergoing their long term laser treatments. For starters, you can get the illusion of fullness with the right cut and color. As Ryan says, "A shorter, cropped hairstyle like the 'wedge' is a good choice. Take the nape shorter to add more volume to the top. When a client's hair is thinning up top and they have longer hair around the temples, it is like shining a headlight on their thinning hair. Don't put too much layering in the top; instead have longer layers or pieces."

Using haircolor is great for thinning because it will change the texture of the hair, swelling the cuticle and increasing the diameter. Highlights can give the illusion of volume and double the texture. It's generally better to use dimensional coloring, which looks more natural and gives variation to volume." Always offer professional hair maintenance products to your clients for their homecare regimen and ensure they know the proper styling techniques for thinning hair.

"Always recommend that clients never towel dry their hair, which roughs up the cuticle. Use the towel to squeeze the hair gently," Ryan suggests. "When drying, don't use a round brush, which often singes the hair. Hairbrushes that have a ceramic base are best, not plastic or metal. Avoid flat irons and curling irons. Depending on your hair's texture, you can let it air dry or use an ionic hair dryer that eliminates frizz and cuts drying time in half. Use your hand with the dryer and always keep it moving, to avoid singeing the hair." Remember to advise clients that thinning hair is fragile and a clean, healthy scalp, free of sebum build up will help the hair follicles to better absorb the nutrients they need, providing the best results. For limp, life-less hair, apply organic volumizing spray to the roots for an easy lift.

Offer a Multi-Therapeutic Approach

In addition to offering laser hair loss treatments, offer professional product systems to accelerate the results of your programs. For example, offer both oral and topical DHT Inhibiting products with vasodilators. The reason is simple. DHT is the most common cause of hair loss. An oral DHT blocking supplement will help to control the hair loss internally and will work even better if it contains a nutritional component allowing Protein building nutrients and B vitamins to be absorbed by the hair follicle for strength and nourishment, which is essential for healthy hair. Vasodilators are used simultaneously to increase blood flow and circulation at the dermal layer to stimulate new hair growth.

While your mature clients may be a natural match for your hair loss services, younger clients can delay or prevent balding altogether with early treatments. It is never too early to promote your services to any client with thinning hair. "Being proactive with hair loss treatments will prompt much better results at any age," Blatter suggested. "If your clients start their hair loss treatments early enough, they may never need to do any of the more aggressive treatment options. It is never too early to start a hair loss program or too late to reap the benefits of using healthy haircare products and treatments."

Create a niche service by offering hair loss treatments and services for healthy hair to all your clients. Your business will thrive and you will increase revenue, retail profits and advance your career.

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