Certification and the Professional Smoothing Treatment Industry

By Kelly Beam

Professional smoothing treatments first hit the market a few years ago.

Socialite Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, raved about them on her blog and they took off like wild fire.

Different brands have come and gone since then and only a few have survived. The ones that did well have done so because their companies focused on stylist certification.

Some brands emphasize education and certification more than others but, in general, the smoothing category requires certification to access the products necessary to perform the treatment.

As a stylist, you have a choice in selecting which smoothing treatment is right for you and your clients. So be sure to understand why certification is important as you consider the one that suits you best.

While still a new category for the hair industry, professional smoothing treatments pave the way for stylists to enjoy increased revenue through additional services and new clientele. Education and certification are the frontline for stylists to correctly perform the treatment with care and precision.

This ensures the stylists administering this service are properly trained and accredited prior to use. More importantly, it's imperative that the stylist is educated on the proper application of the product and adjusting the temperature of hot tools in order to customize the treatment to the client's needs while adhering to manufacturer instructions.

Certification allows the stylist to display their certificate and exclusive branded collateral in their salons and at their stations, as well as advertising this service on their personal websites, blogs, and social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

"As a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist, I have experienced a huge impact on my business because it's allowed me to offer a service to clientele that I didn't have before. And new clients mean increased revenue," says Felini, a stylist at Phillip K. Thomas Salon in Dallas, Texas. He goes on to explain how, "being certified in this treatment sets me apart from other stylists who may not offer the service, making me unique and in high demand."

Brands who market these treatments offer sponsored events, online training and certification on their websites for you to learn the detailed information necessary to perform this treatment. Manufacturers will most likely require you to pass a written test while attending an event, or pass an online questionnaire if taken via their website. Additionally, most recommend you become re-certified once a year to sharpen skills and learn new techniques.

When researching which certification option is best for you as a stylist be sure to educate yourself on the different treatments available and their unique features and benefits.

"I chose the Brazilian Blowout treatment because it can be washed out at the salon during a client's appointment," said Felini. "Other keratin smoothing treatments require my client to leave the product in for at least 72 hours before washing it out. My clients have active lifestyles and when they leave my chair, they can go back to living their busy lives."

It's important to know the differences so the treatment is performed as directed to avoid damaging your client's hair. These types of details are covered in your certification classes.

Whether at an event or online, get certified and continue to educate yourself with new skills and techniques. And do your research when choosing which treatment best suits you and your clients needs, and ensures the results you and your clients expect.

Kelly Beam is the senior director of Global Marketing for Brazilian Blowout. For more information, visit www.brazilianblowout.com or find them on facebook www.facebook.com/TheBrazilianBlowout.