The Million Dollar Haircolorist

Darico JacksonA celebrity colorist often sets new trends by creating artistic new hair designs using color. Still, celebrity hairstylist DaRico Jackson experiences the same challenges every haircolorist experiences on a daily basis, i.e. nailing the perfect formula and achieving the desired results that a client expects.

The difference for Jackson is the end result being seen and scrutinized by an international audience.

But what really are the characteristics of a million dollar haircolorist and how can every hairstylist take the same steps to build a solid following and create that million dollar reputation?

Jackson offered these tips on becoming a million dollar haircolorist:

The qualities of a good haircolorist can be divided into three groups — social skills, business skills, and artistic abilities. A highly artistic hairdresser may have some success, but a hairdresser who works at improving in all three areas is likely to have a great career.

SOCIAL SKILLS — Welcome every customer, be calm and unpretentious, and be friendly but not intrusive. Listen to what they want as their desired look. One of their main concerns is protecting the integrity of their hair. Let them know that you are concerned with the overall integrity of their hair as well as the look.

BUSINESS SKILLS — Start a blog. Blogging about reviews on hair products and tools, advice for hair care and maintenance, hair trends, colors and cuts is a great way to show clients and potential clients that you are current in hair fashion. Promote your blog on your business cards. You can guest blog on other blogs about wedding, and fashion in order to boost your reputation and links to your site.

Become an expert. Building a relationship with local media can help you obtain free coverage for your hairdressing and business. Contact local photographers and offer to work with them so that your hairstyles can be used in your blogs and in the local magazines. Contact fashion reporters and let them know you are available for quotes and outline your expertise to show how you can add value to their stories.

Start a newsletter. Email marketing can help you retain your current hairdressing clientele and attract new clients. Start an email newsletter that updates clients on seasonal styles and trends, hair care tips and any special offers you have. You can do this weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Use social media. Start a local Facebook or LinkedIn fashion group. Social media works by focusing in on the areas that you live in and your expertise. Friend your current clients and add those that are friends of friends in order to grow your group and find potential new clients. Inviting them to a meet and greet at the salon works well for getting people in the door from your groups.

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION — Researching the latest trends and fashion icons will help you strengthen your artistic expression. Continuing classes and updates refresh your inner spirit and extend your range of techniques.

DaRico Jackson is a celebrity hairstylist who's worked on some of the biggest names in show business. Known for his trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill, DaRico is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists across the globe. He started as a successful stylist in St. Louis Missouri, and moved to Los Angeles where he quickly became a personal favorite of directors and celebrities alike.

He is equally in demand in the world of fashion doing New York fashion shows and red-carpet events which keeps him traveling from coast-to-coast. His work has also been featured in numerous magazine editorial articles, print and television advertising campaigns and national 'makeover' programs, such as "A Second Look," "How Do I Look" and "Renovate My Family." In addition to his successful television career, DaRico also helps to mentor young professionals as a beauty educator teaching across the country while he is working with the Mizani Haircare Company.

In his role as a creative instructor for the Mizani Hair care company, DaRico Jackson is involved in developing the company's signature hairdressing techniques and travels the world presenting his expertise to international hairdressing audiences. Jackson regularly holds classes such as the L'Oreal INOA Color Mizani True Textures classes held recently in New York.

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