Make Your Job Your Dream Career and Reignite Your Passion

By Leanne Molter

Have you begun to feel like being a beauty professional is just a job to pay the bills, instead of being the cosmetology career and ideal life you've always dreamed of?

If so, now is the time to begin analyzing and investing in yourself.

Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions, a business training and coaching company working in the professional beauty industry has some ideas how you can do that. Gartland regularly instructs beauty professionals on how to create their dream careers, earning more income while also keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Aim High: Why settle for whatever comes along in your salon and spa career or business? It's time to take action for your success.

First, consider a few basic questions, such as the number of days you want to work per week, your hours, the number of clients you want and your desired income level. Your answers should not be based on where your business currently is at, but on where you want it to be.

Consider What Inaction Is Costing You: Creating a strong reason to achieve your goals helps. Contemplate why you want to set financial goals? Be as specific as possible. Consider what achieving that goal would add to your life. What specifically will you buy or do because of this achievement? Gartland says, "Action is the fuel to success. The moment you decide what you want and write it down, you immediately get the process started!"

Build Your Business Model: To build a million dollar dream home you need a blueprint. A business model is simply the blueprint of your dream career. Think about your goals for your schedule, your income level, average service ticket and number of clients, and then write them down.

Decide how many of your clients each day will receive what services. For example, if your daily goal is seven clients per day, then you could have two haircut clients, two chemical treatment clients and three clients receiving haircuts plus two chemical services. Figure out the cost of those services. Perhaps haircuts are $40 each and chemical services are $80 each.

If your daily service goal was $750; do the math and figure out how many salon services those seven clients a day would have to receive to keep you on track to hit your daily target? Write down your specific service goals and post them where you can see them every day. You will know if you're on track, above or behind your goals.

Utilize Upselling: In times when you are falling short of your daily goals, you can work harder by upselling to bring up your daily average. For example, if you were to find that you were not able to reach that daily goal of $750, you should consider some ways to bring your total up. Perhaps four clients a day add on a eyebrow waxing service at $10 each and two clients add on a hair conditioning treatment at $15 each.

You could actually surpass your daily goal by regularly implementing these types of add-on services. Or, you could service fewer clients and have a shorter day or week by regularly using add-ons to bring up service ticket averages.

Complimentary Consultations: Every appointment should begin with a thorough client consultation, explaining that you want to provide the best service possible. First, cover the basics by having clients rate the condition of their hair, their current haircut, haircolor and hairstyle on a scale of 1 to 10.

Have them rate the performance and results of their current haircare products, as well as their hairstyling tools. Ask if they are able to duplicate their hairstyle at home and what it would take for them to be able to. Ask what the one thing they most want to improve is and would make the day's experience a 10 for them. Gartland says, "By finding out the needs and challenges your clients are experiencing, you will be able to offer them solutions in the form of services as well as home haircare products and tools to offer them more effective results."

Answer Your Clients' Needs: You can offer clients possibilities they have never considered before! Try to discover what services and products will help your clients look their best. Ask meaningful questions and engage your clients' imaginations. This is vital to finding the right answers. Ask them 'Do you want your hair to whisper, talk or scream?' This will give you some insight into their psyche.

Have them list three words that best describe what they want their hair to say about their personality. They may say, "polished, professional and confidant" or "sexy, youthful and fun."

Attain Treasured Clients: Don't settle for any client, try to look for or create ideal clients who generate higher service tickets. Consider which of your current clients you really look forward to seeing. Perhaps your ideal is a business woman who is always punctual, rebooks before leaving, receives chemical services regularly and is committed to the homecare regimen you recommended to her.

Or perhaps your ideal is creative, edgy, and always ready to try the newest hair design, haircolor trends and who loves products. Write down the characteristics you desire until you have a clear vision. Once you've identified them, you'll start recognizing them.

Hand them your business cards and let them know they are exactly the clients you have been looking for! Additionally, use your consultation skills to create ideal clients by showing your regular clients all of the additional service and product options that they may benefit from.

Pre-Booking: Create good habits as well as discourage clients from trying to squeeze in last minute appointments by always pre-booking their next appointments. Pre-booking can educate your clients to think about solutions in advance. You are losing 20 to 30 percent in revenue by not pre-booking appointments.

Clients who pre-book become conditioned to come in regularly. Additionally, when you can't fit in a client, inform them that pre-booking appointments will solve this challenge in the future. Offer clients incentives to pre-book by offering discounts if they book several months to a year ahead of time.

Networking For Referrals: Create an advocate system by meeting other professionals through networking. Joining a local business networking group is a great way to meet advocates, people who will support your dream and are fully invested in your success. The benefits of a networking group are that it brings together business people from different industries who want to tap into other business experts. It's an inexpensive and effective way to get new clients as the members will work for free on your behalf.

Get Computerized and Get Social: Computers in this day and age are an invaluable tool for building your business. Using email communications, Facebook messages, Twitter or e-newsletters, will help you stay in touch with clients and dramatically increase retention and referrals.

Most businesses utilize these versatile and essential tools. With today's Smartphone, you may not even need to own a computer to be able to email or join online social networking groups. You can hand your new clients your tablet or Smartphone and have them enter their contact information themselves while you prepare for their service, giving you a technological edge!

By changing your mindset about your job and how much you can achieve, you can dream big and start designing your ideal career instead of just settling for a job. Gartland concludes, "The difference between good and great is consistency. Good never got anyone to the Olympics! Being passive will not bring you the dream business that you want. Get out of the bleachers and onto the playing field, with the champions."

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