Hair Loss Treatments Create New Salon Revenue

By Jenny Hogan

Businesses offering hair loss services are reporting higher revenue than they were before the economy got tough.

Salons and day spas offering specialized hair loss services are examples of businesses that are not just surviving the recent challenging economy, but are thriving in it.

Laser hair loss treatment and professional hair loss product systems are services most of your competitors do not have. Hair loss services bring in high margins, create referrals and build long term, loyal clientele who will come in for years.

Finding niches and services that are highly profitable and build long-term residual income from current clients while drawing in new clients is essential for stylists today.

Your Clientele Already Exists: The hair loss market is worth $5.4 billion annually. Every salon owner and hairstylist already have potential hair loss clientele with 75 percent of all men affected by hair loss and 50 percent of women affected by thinning hair by middle age.

The average hair loss client spends between $200 and $400 a month for laser treatments and hair care products. Hair loss clients are typically long term clients willing to commit to the time and investment necessary to get their successful hair regrowth results. Investing in a clinic laser that can potentially pay for itself with as few as four steady clients in one year, is really pretty easy in today's beauty driven marketplace.

There are many models of clinic lasers to choose from, including hooded styles and models with panels. Finding a reputable manufacturer that can help walk you through details and determine the best options for your business is step one. The Hair Loss Control Clinic of Latham, New York has been a leader in the hair loss industry for 25 years, offering a hair loss training program that provides certification for participants. "Buying a laser is not buying a business," William Blatter, president of the clinic said. "Finding a company that provides complete training, marketing and sales support to ensure you choose a laser customized for your individual needs and getting the education necessary for success is key."

Clients will ask their hairstylist about hair loss before asking their physician. That is why it is so important to know how to handle clients' questions about hair loss and why choosing to become a certified hair loss expert will not only help clients, but be a revenue booster.

In general, if you are not able to answer some of these vital questions or provide solutions for them within your salon, then most likely that potential revenue is walking out the door to a competitor.

Becoming a hair loss expert is not as difficult as you may think. A product manufacturer should provide comprehensive training on the basics of hair loss and everything needed to run a successful hair loss business, offer to train you in successful marketing techniques or provide them for you. The manufacturer should provide technical training on the laser equipment, provide details on the product systems, and demonstrate how the products work to help stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Offer A Multi-Therapeutic Approach: In addition to offering laser hair loss treatments, offer professional product systems that accelerate the results of your programs. For example, use topical and oral hair loss supplements and treatments neutralizing DHT, the common element in balding. Balding is not caused by hair falling out, but by hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hair, called "miniaturization." Hormonal changes in your body due to aging lead to the production of testosterone and when testosterone interacts with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, DHT is created in the scalp. Hair follicles are then altered by DHT, decreasing the volume of hair strands. DHT inhibitors work to neutralize the DHT enzyme that "shrinks" your hair. Additionally, try using vasodilators to improve circulation and blood flow at the dermal layer to stimulate new hair growth, while protein building nutrients are delivered to the hair follicle for strength and nourishment.

It will be important to manage your clients' expectations while inspiring them about new hair growth they can achieve. By providing your clients with before and after photographs of hair loss clients, sharing video testimonials and other educational materials with great visuals of hair regrowth, you can help them know what to expect from their treatment program. Be sure to document their hair regrowth with photographs or measurements of their progress over time.

It is very important to encourage clients to participate in a long term program because the best results will occur in a six to twelve month time period. If they are not compliant and do not commit to their programs, their hair loss will return and they will be disappointed in their results.

"Many of our salon affiliates have found they're actually making more money with hair loss services than their basic haircare services," Blatter exclaimed. "Think about what your service ticket is for your clients now. Think about what your clients will pay for your hair cutting, styling and coloring services. What would they be willing to do to grow their hair back? If they're going to trust someone to do that, wouldn't they trust someone who has a certification as a hair loss expert, using the latest laser treatment technology and the most effective haircare products?"

You can provide a valuable new service to your existing clientele, build a new hair loss clientele, increase referrals, loyalty and trust by becoming a hair loss expert and providing laser treatments and professional product systems in your business. You will create a niche service and stay a step ahead of the competition, increasing your business revenue and retail profits and successfully building your career.

Editor's Note: The information provided here has been provided by Hair Loss Control Clinic which provides comprehensive hair loss systems including low level laser treatment systems, DHT inhibitor products, oral nutritionals, scalp hygiene and haircare maintenance products. For more information on HLCC call 877-XTC-4HAIR / 518-250-4083 or visit or

Jenny Hogan is the Media Director at Marketing Solutions, Inc., a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty business. Contact 703-359-6000 or visit