What is the Best Way to Learn?

by Leanne Molter

With today's new technology, learning opportunities are abundant but can be confusing. How do you know which educational opportunities are better than others?

For a seasoned veteran, you might research fun and inspiring new salon and spa techniques on the internet; however, if you want to become an expert in a particular specialty, it may not be the best idea to learn your advanced new technique, such as how to apply fusion bonded hair extensions by watching a video on Youtube.

Basic cosmetology licenses give you the first step towards beginning your career. Every state has its own specific requirements for licensure. It will be different depending if you want to become an expert specialist such as an airbrush makeup artist, a cosmetology instructor, a massage therapist, a medical aesthetician or in any area you desire.

Often, the only way to get a license, certification or training in your desired specialty is to take advanced classes at a school, pass the examination and meet the necessary hour requirements. Just like any advanced education, there are a variety of schools that offer the education you need to meet the requirements.

You can learn through online courses with a designated cosmetology school program, from universities or from a professional salon industry manufacturer. For us in the beauty industry, it isn't as important where you go for your advanced studies as it is to have creativity, talent and the drive to succeed with skills that take you beyond the basics.

Getting your licenses and accredited certifications will ensure the foundation of your career but your success will come by continuing your education throughout your career. It is especially important for a beauty professional to constantly learn, train and grow.

Manufacturers are training salon and spa professionals in various ways today. For example, the Dinair airbrush makeup uses Skype to hold basic training sessions that take about 30 to 60 minutes. In those first 30 minutes, trainees learn basic application techniques, cleaning and machine operation. Yet if a makeup artist wants to be fully certified as an official Dinair professional airbrush makeup artist, they would need to attend one of Dinair's airbrush makeup two-day professional workshops held all around the country.

When trying to find the right manufacturer that will help support your growing career needs, it may be a challenge with all the wonderful choices and options that are available today. One very important factor is to only align yourself with salon industry manufacturer partners who will provide you with valuable ongoing advanced educational opportunities. After being certified, you need to know if they will also offer support when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

As explained by Vikki Parman, CEO and lead educator for Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, "For refining your abilities with complex skills, like fusion bonded hair extensions; it is even more important to have the best education possible. You must learn your basic and advanced skills, while practicing. If facilitated improperly, some hair extensions may cause damage to your client's hair -- even resulting in potential hair loss." This is one of the reasons why Parman has made it her life goal to only offer the highest quality basic and advanced education in professional salon hair extensions.

After receiving basic licensure from a state, some require beauty professionals to maintain their credentials by earning CEU credits. CEU credits may be earned the traditional way by taking advanced courses at cosmetology schools, beauty industry events or classes that are now offered online. With the online courses and webinars, you will need to be careful and make sure each class is an accepted way to earn CEU credits.

This is probably the most enjoyable time to learn, for personal enrichment and career enjoyment. Inspirational tips and tricks may be learned online, from friends, colleagues or anywhere. Some manufacturers even have inspirational ideas on their websites for hair, skin, nails and makeup.

Some of the best places to go for in person learning are professional trade shows, fashion shows, websites and advanced training workshops. At regional and national trade shows, there are classroom lectures and main stage platform artists. It is always fun to learn new innovative skills. Read through professional salon trade magazines and consumer magazines alike for hair, makeup and beauty care ideas, while exploring if a matching tutorial exists online. Experimentation on a mannequin or a model is also a fun way to try out new service ideas, while sharpening your skills before offering your new services to a client.

Become inspired! Continue your education and develop your professional salon service specialties. The opportunities are endless and everywhere.

For more information on Dinair Airbrush Makeup, call 818-308-8500 or visit www.AirbrushMakeup.com. Leanne Molter is a Marketing Coordinator at Marketing Solutions, a full-service marketing, advertising, media relations and consulting services agency specializing in the professional beauty business.