Woodhouse Day Spa Founder Shares Her Secret For Success


Woodhouse Day Spa
Jeni Garrett Woodhouse Day Spa

At 21 years old, Jeni Garrett founded the first Woodhouse Day Spa in Victoria, Texas.

Now at 33, Garrett has increased her high-end day spa franchise to include more than 25 spas in 14 states.

Growing up on a dairy farm in the rural countryside of South Texas, Garrett spent her time judging livestock and running a cattle business. But her true calling to become the successful businesswoman that she is today was evident during her childhood when she started her first business endeavor of selling hand-picked flowers on the side of a rural road.

Two decades later, Garrett has come a long way from her flower business. She is running a successful franchise system that has continued to grow exponentially even despite the recessionary times.

Each of Garrett's spas are focused on providing a holistic guest experience that treats the entire body with products made with sustainable, natural ingredients and enhances each person's well-being. Garrett crafts each service offered at the Woodhouse Day Spa so that it provides noticeable results in a stress-reducing environment.

Apparently it's that results-oriented focus that keeps guests coming back.

Spas on a national level experienced a decline in sales during the past few years as Americans cut down on luxury spending. As the recession hit and families who were once considered middle class suddenly began tightening their belts; spa services dropped to the bottom of the list of what most Americans considered necessities.

The recently released International Spa Association 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study offers some good news. The study reveals an increase in spa visits nationwide over the past year, increased revenue and a higher number of spa employees, indicating the spa industry — considered the fourth largest leisure industry — is recovering from the impact of the recession.

Now, as the road to economic recovery begins, many spa owners remain cautiously optimistic about the future. The Woodhouse Day Spa franchise was able to weather through the tough times. The spa's success may be because of Garrett's determination to increase business by offering results-oriented treatments that keep guests coming back. While many spas have been slow to regain business as the economy recovers, nationwide sales at Woodhouse Day Spas increased by 17 percent in 2010.

Garrett's ambition to continue growing her business regardless of the state of the economy has helped Woodhouse Day Spas become the leading brand in the highly fragmented spa industry. Garrett believes she has taken a very disorganized and fragmented industry, and introduced a successful business model centered around providing a uniform guest experience at every location. She realized that maintaining and strengthening brand identification is vital for every franchise success.

Just barely into her 30s, Garrett has achieved greater success in her career than many people do in a lifetime. But rather than slowing down, Garrett's craving for success in the spa industry hasn't been satisfied yet, and she continues to look into new opportunities to expand the franchise in the near future.

Garrett's ambitious growth plan includes the addition of 125 domestic Woodhouse locations over the next five years and more than 100 spas internationally within the next decade. As Garrett expands her franchise globally, spreading the trusted and distinctive Woodhouse brand into new countries, she stays true to where her roots are planted—the good ol' Lone Star State.

Texas continues to have the largest concentration of Woodhouse Spas—the eighth location, in Belton, Texas, opened in January 2011.

For more information on Woodhouse Day Spas, go to www.woodhousespas.com.