Why is This Client Sitting in my Chair? 

By Don Bewley, Eufora Int'l. co-founder

There's a well-known rule of social etiquette…don't discuss politics or religion at social gatherings.

This rule also applies (or at least it should) to the salon. Well I'd like to add one more item to the list of conversation no-no's in the salon: the economy.

When I owned salons, I always taught my stylists to stop the mindless chatter behind the chair and remember why the client was there. Today I teach our network of Eufora Salons and Educators this same important rule.

Especially in today's difficult economic climate, people come to a great salon for "healing" and to feel good, even if just for an hour or so. They do not come to talk about economic conditions with the staff.

A great salon and stylist will provide a haven where clients can relax and not worry about anything. Some stylists may believe their client really cares and wants to hear about the date they had Friday night, or their problems with their husband and children, or their opinions on the economy.

The fact is, they don't!

So what should you talk about behind the chair? How about focusing on the client, their needs and expectations of a great experience in your salon? Talk about hair fashions and wellness. Talk about what would make them look and feel beautiful.

Good friends and Eufora Distributors, Terri and Steve Cowan no longer refer to people who visit the salon as "clients". They refer to them only as "guests" and I think this is brilliant.

So start thinking about your clients as your guests and learn to become the greatest "host" you can be. And never, ever forget Why This Guest is Sitting in Your Chair!