In My Opinion...

Ethics and Stylist Safety is Non-Negotiable

By Cindy Van Steelandt, Zerran International Corp.

Unless you've been on a trip to the moon, you would have noticed that Brazilian Blowout has been making headline news once again.

On January 30, 2012, the California attorney general ruled that GIB, the company that makes the pricey keratin smoothing treatments, must warn consumers that two of its most popular products contain formaldehyde.

Speaking of lunacy, don't you think this settlement amounts to a mere slap on the hand? GIB has been advertising its products to hairstylists as formaldehyde-free and safe, with apparently little concern for the consumer's health and safety.

Getting to the root of the matter, how about banning formaldehyde outright? Working with smoothing and straightening products day in and day out, don't you deserve to make a living without fear of developing cancer?

The European Union (EU) is already light years ahead of us. The European Union Consumer Alert System recently cited a number of keratin smoothing treatments for containing 1.7 to 2 percent formaldehyde. These products do not comply with the allowable limit of 0.2 percent in the European Union and have been either ordered removed, or voluntarily removed from the European market per EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EC.

In the US, the Cosmetics Ingredients Review Panel (CIR) has labeled formaldehyde unsafe and called for its removal from hair straightening products.

With all this information, what's a stylist to do? The good news is, you have several options: avoid offering the treatments entirely; make capital investments in venting systems and/or separate salon rooms; continue to use formaldehyde formulations but limit exposure and handle with care; or explore vegan and botanically based alternatives.

Think about it. What's important to you?

At Zerran Int'l, ethics and stylist safety are non-negotiable. To acknowledge this, Zerran's specialty vegan hair smoothing and hair straightening products were submitted for dermatological testing. All products in the RealLisse Vegan Hair Smoothing System and Reform Natural Hair Straightening System have passed dermatological testing with zero adverse results.