Are You Afraid of Being Inspected?

by Monika Herzog Butler

Most salon owners nervously ask themselves on a regular basis, "How would my salon or spa fare if we were inspected today?"

From my experience as a salon owner and consultant in the beauty industry, the standards in most salons and spas are not up to par. Even salons that try their absolute best have room for improvement.

Some of us tend to forget what we learned in beauty school and instead use our personal judgment when making decisions about salon cleanliness. Seeing how some fellow professionals cut corners and how the beauty industry seems to be focused more on creating a beautiful, high-end workspace, rather than a practical environment that is safe for the professional, and the clients. In reality, it is very easy to do both.

As salon owners, routines can be developed that not only satisfy the rules and regulations of the Board, but also go beyond required standards for creating a safe and healthy environment for clients and ourselves. Imagine how viruses and bacteria have changed over the past 20 years. Salons must adapt to those changes and rethink their current routines and procedures.

Have you ever wondered how clients feel when they receive services at your salon? Many things can be incorporated into your service routine that clients will register subconsciously, such as the following:

In summary, if you want to make major improvements to your business and the services you provide, here are some steps to take:

In addition, let us not forget a very important factor here: Marketing. Your consultant should also advise you on how you can utilize all your extra efforts to show your establishment is a step above your competition in the marketplace.

No matter what you decide to do to create a safer salon environment or to raise the level of service offered at your establishment, remember you always start by taking that first step.

Monika Herzog Butler is a master stylist and former salon owner. She is the president of Salon Inspector, a private consulting company, dedicated to the beauty industry health and safety standards. For more information, visit or call (310)927-8188.

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