Airbrush Makeup Technology in the Salon — Supporting Your Bottom Line

by Kristina Duff

During production on the MGM epic Ben-Hur (1959), the makeup artists found themselves needing to apply faux tans to the thousands of extras who were supposed to be Romans.

The airbrush, invented in 1893 for fine art applications proved to be the solution.

Makeup artists began spraying the extras with a makeshift foundation and discovered that the method worked wonders, providing quick and even coverage. Consequently, makeup applied through an airbrush was born.

With the advent of the digital age came the second evolution of airbrush makeup, a finer and lighter makeup application needed for use in film, television and photography. Cosmetic houses, including Temptu, began introducing airbrushable foundation, blush and highlighter formulas. Since then, airbrush makeup has become the industry gold standard in Hollywood, gracing the faces of the cast of several movies and TV shows. Airbrush makeup has become synonymous with flawless, red carpet, A-list skin.

Today, consumers are embracing technology in every aspect of their lives, from wireless technology, high-definition televisions and digital cameras in their homes, to the makeup and tools in their makeup bags and on their bathroom counters.

The beauty service industry must keep two elements in mind in regards to their clients and technology.

Clients want technology. They want the latest and most innovative tools that science has to offer, and they are well versed in the language that is technology. Clients want to experience the most cutting-edge tools, and they demand that their service providers are in the know before they are.

Clients want red carpet results. Salon-goers are inundated by images of themselves and the world around them shot in high-definition. Women are becoming increasingly conscious of the way they look on camera, in video and in-person. They want to look their best, as would a celebrity, their images preserved in high definition and detail forever.

Salon owners and beauty professionals can bring airbrush makeup application into their businesses and appeal to their clients' thirst for the most revolutionary technology by providing them with the most innovative makeup experience, while delivering unparalleled results.

Salon professionals are embracing airbrush makeup because it is a premium service for which they can charge top dollar. Start-up costs are low, less than $500 for introductory kits that include airbrush guns, compressors, and full line of makeup foundations for a range of skin tones, as well as blushes and highlighters. On average, salon owners and makeup artists can charge double what they would charge for traditional makeup application, and offer a premium service.

Do not forget the bridal market. Airbrush makeup is ideal for brides and their parties. Traditional foundation can look and feel cakey or thick, whereas airbrush makeup creates a flawless finish and even complexion. Airbrush makeup is misted on, producing a light, seamless veil of color on the skin. It provides sheer, flawless coverage, while minimizing imperfections and giving skin a natural-looking finish that photographs beautifully.

With airbrush makeup, you can sculpt, contour, shade, and highlight in a way that is invisible to the naked eye and high-definition cameras. Traditional makeup can wear off within hours, while silicone-based airbrush makeup can last all day through extreme temperatures and humidity, sweat and tears. With consumers becoming more savvy about their makeup, they want the products that are being used in Hollywood. To that end, they want to use the tools that the makeup pros are using, and airbrush makeup has become the industry standard.

By bringing in the latest makeup technology and airbrush makeup systems into your salon, you can treat your customers like the celebrities they are. Bring in the cutting-edge tools of Hollywood and the top makeup professionals to increase your bottom line while adding to your list of innovative beauty solutions and services.

Kristina Duff is a TEMPTU PRO and celebrity makeup artist. For more information visit

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