Gullette's Passion for Knowledge on Hair Loss Led to Trichology

Shawon GulletteOver forty million Americans will face the reality of balding or hair thinning in their lifetimes. Others will struggle with Alopecia, Seborrhea Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and hair loss. These are conditions that many people suffer with, but few professionals know the differences between these conditions and what can be causing them.

This quest for knowledge led hairstylist, Shawon Brown Gullette, on a personal journey to explore Trichology, the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. In 2003, she expanded her 20-year healthy hair, growth and redevelopment experience and obtained a certification in Trichology, specializing in thinning hair, scalp disease and disorders.

As the Owner of Infinitee Trichology Centre in Dayton, Ohio, Gullette has been serving the Miami Valley for over eight years. The Centre provides several hair loss solutions and hair loss information, digital hair and scalp diagnostic, custom wigs and professional consultation.

As a Trichologist, Gullette places emphasis on balancing the body, by educating the client on the urgency of making changes in their lifestyles and diet. Because of her passion for the study of hair loss, Shawon has been working with salons all over Ohio to help educate them and their clientele, by giving free hair loss clinics.

For more info on hair loss or Trichology contact Shawon Brown Gullette at (937) 275-7898 or visit

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