Fat Profits from Thinning Hair

by Craig Black

Let’s face it; we take a risk by going into business. And we really take the risk, going into the hair business in order to make money. However, we also go into the hair business to help others by providing a valuable service. So, if you like to earn rewards while helping people, read on.

We know that if we can enhance someone’s appearance and help them feel better about themselves, rewards will come. There is no hair issue that is more emotionally devastating to a person than losing one’s hair. Surprisingly, it is far more common than we realize. It is estimated that 70 - 80 million people in the U.S. suffer from thinning hair. Offering a solution to clients who suffer from thinning hair is emotionally satisfying, as well as financially rewarding.

The hair loss industry in the U.S. today generates about five billion dollars per year. Yes, that is billion, with a “B.” My question to you is, how much of that did you get this year? The money is being spent, so shouldn’t you be getting your share?

Every salon has clients that want thicker, healthier-looking hair and Laser Hair Enhancement does just that. The laser hood contains low-level laser lights that stimulate the scalp and hair to enhance the appearance.

The rules and regulations for nearly every state’s Cosmetology Board expressly provides for the use of electrical appliances to stimulate the scalp and hair as a revenue producing service. (Make sure and check with your states regulatory department to confirm.) This is part of the practice of our trade and the laser is the most technically advanced equipment that can provide this service. Laser Hair Enhancement will create a completely new service category in your salon, and bring a new source of income for you.

So, why aren’t there more lasers in salons? Until recently, the cost of a laser was out of the price range for most salons. However, just like computers and cell phones, high-tech cosmetic lasers have become more powerful and have dropped in price. You can now purchase a professional cosmetic laser for $4,000 to $6,000, and the package includes everything you need to create a laser center in your salon.

In your salon, clients can receive a 30-minute laser service twice a week. The average fee for the service is $200 to $300 per month, and since the laser uses no supplies, there is a high profit per service. Here is the best part, the laser works while you do something else. You seat the client under the laser, turn on the laser and return in 30 minutes to get the client out. It is as easy to use as a hair dryer.

Google shows it has over 402,000 searches for “hair thickening products.” Think of all the money being spent for shampoos, mousses, sprays and gels designed to create fuller looking hair, as well as for new products designed to improve “hair retention.” People in your community are spending good money in the search for better looking hair.

You can get fat profits from solving thinning hair problems, but only if you provide a solution that really works and low-level lasers have been clinically proven to do just that.

For more information visit www.salonlasers.com or call Craig Black at 866-646-9050.

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