Does Your Haircolor Cover Gray 100%?

Swatch chart indicating how the progression of darker levels of haircolor effect gray hair.
Gray Hair Swatch Chart

In My Opinion by Andre Nizetich

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Finish this sentence “Our haircolor covers gray hair 100 percent...” What does that sentence mean to the haircolorist?

It is not unusual for haircolor manufacturers to speak in generalities, not meaning to mislead us, but they do.

How hard would it be to complete the sentence by saying, “Our haircolor covers gray hair 100 percent if you use a level 4 haircolor or a level 6 haircolor?”

It is impossible to put all gray hair into one giant category. You must consider the percentage of gray hair, along with the different haircolor categories of natural hair where the hair looks completely different when it starts to gray.

So, rather than attempting to answer the question completely, the manufacturers will leave you hanging.  Just for fun I called several haircolor companies and asked to speak to the head educator. I introduced myself and said I was doing a magazine article on gray hair and wanted to ask a couple of questions. The questions were, “Does your haircolor cover gray hair 100 percent?” and, “What do you mean when you say your haircolor covers gray 100 percent?”

The answers were very interesting. Most of the educators’ answers to the first question, without hesitating were, “of course” or “absolutely” or just a simple “yes.” On the other hand, the second question brought some hesitation. In other words, they had to think about their answer. 

Two companies indicated they would not answer the question, I would have to submit the question in writing, and then they would determine the answer. You would think the head educator would have their act together enough to answer a question like that.

The problem with manufacturer education is they do not devote the time they need to in order to have an informed educational team. They should take a lesson from Redken and how they have taken over professional haircoloring by having everyone talking the same language.

How hard would it be to make a prop indicating how the progression of darker levels of haircolor effect gray hair? The next time someone asks if your color covers gray 100 percent you can respond by saying, “it depends on the level of haircolor you are using and the haircolor category and the percentage of gray hair,” then you show them a prop to reinforce your answer. After all, they could be looking to buy your haircolor. The smarter your customers are the more color they will use and everyone is more prosperous.

Producing a swatch chart would be invaluable for teaching haircolor classes that involve coloring gray hair. Gray hair coverage is a very misunderstood subject, yet it is the number one reason people color their hair. 

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