Updo Your Earnings with Updos

By Amy Colvin

An updo is so much more than “just an updo.” It’s a chance for you to increase your salon revenue as a whole. “How?” you ask.

Well, let’s look at prom traffic to start.

They need makeup, pedicures and manicures and they see the value of looking good for a special event. These young girls will eventually be brides who also see that value as well.

They could evolve into a client for life: spa client, retail client, color client and referrer of other friends. Don’t underestimate the power of “just an updo.”

When this group is older, it’s time for their wedding and with a wedding comes many other opportunities for profit. A bachelorette party of spa services, pre-day spa day, rehearsal dinner day, pre-day groom and groomsmen cuts. If you start adding these service dollars, it’s a substantial amount of revenue.

Let’s take that a step farther. How about a “Salon Wedding Guide?”

A woman’s wedding day is something she has dreamed of and fantasized about since she was a little girl. There is almost no limit to making that day perfect. Three to six months prior, start working into that perfect color. Conditioning treatments and regular trims are a must for optimal hair health, as well as correct every day products.

Skin and makeup will be flawless on the big day if the bride works with an esthetician on skin issues, treatments and proper products. The esthetician can talk to her about the advantages of body waxing. One to two weeks prior, couples mani/pedis and massages. Practice makeup and hairstyle. Artificial nails. Final color, trim, conditioning treatment and waxing. Groom and groomsmen cuts.

Now that we understand the benefit of capturing the business of updos, we need to see the importance of having confidence in them. You are strongly encouraged to “know your stuff!”

If you are good at updos, then you will have confidence with them. Education and knowledge are crucial to being good. Seek education that specializes in updos. Hands on workshops give you more training. Look at the expense of an updo seminar as an investment toward bringing in more income. If you spend x amount of dollars on a workshop, you will make it up in x amount of updo clients. The rest is profit. Quality training is priceless.

Once you have the knowledge, spread the word. Bridal shows are the obvious way to capture the bridal business, but practice can be advertising and a way to get the word out as well. Practicing what you’ve learned is essential in gaining confidence and ability.

These economical times call for thinking outside the box to capture an audience. Go for all updo business. Think long term. Practice on local teens like cheer leading teams or local community theater groups.

Do styles on waitresses or models. Do hair for local bridal shops for fittings, publications or ads. Work with a local photographer or photography student to shoot what you’re practicing. This can gain you photos of your work for a bridal/updo book. These photos can hang on the salon walls during wedding and prom season. Imagine a client’s delight to see books or wall hangings of styles done by their very own hairstylist. And they can anticipate being a “wall girl” for your salon.

So, do you still think of an updo as “just an updo?” It’s so much more. And now you realize how and why. Plan your wedding guide. Capture the updo business. Think from proms to weddings and beyond. And happy updoing.

Amy Colvin is the mastermind behind the “Foolproof Updoing” system. Besides educating hairstylists with her seminars, she specializes in updos, cuts and perms in a salon full time. www.foolproofupdoing.net

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