How To Successfully Market Makeup To Your Salon Clients

By Rachel Yount

Many salons and day spas offer professional makeup artistry with a talented team of makeup artists and cosmetologists.

Unfortunately, many salons do not effectively promote, market and publicize their makeup services.

It’s time to set yourself apart from the competition by creating a series of new marketing strategies. Here are some tips to get you started.

Image is everything! To sell makeup services, all salon professionals should begin to wear makeup every day to help promote total image makeovers and artistry. Your staff should wear the newest seasonal makeup collections that you are promoting. This creates visibility to your clients.

Often times, they may not even know that you offer professional makeup services. One easy way to start to achieve this is by offering some complimentary makeup products to your staff. Many manufacturers offer testers at little to no cost.

Offer Complimentary Makeup Consultations: Your salon menu and in-salon point-of-purchase devices should offer ‘Complimentary Makeup Consultations!’ This will help your staff and clients open new dialogues about makeup artistry.

Salon Service Menus: Be sure that you offer a series of makeup services and lessons on your salon menu. If available, detail your service prices for on-location weddings and special occasions.

Complimentary Makeup Touch-Ups: Offer a complimentary touch-up after any salon or spa service. This works especially well after any haircolor or skincare service, when you can recommend new color cosmetics. This also opens the door for opportunities to recommend new skincare and cosmetic solutions that will enhance your retail sales.

Special Makeup Theme Days: Salon theme days are a great way to create brand awareness. For example, have all salon staff and professionals wear bright red lips. Everyone looks great in some form of red lipstick. This can even be tied into a cross-promotion for red haircolor shades.

Create Special Packages and Community Involvement: Contact your local high schools to get placed on their “Prom Vendor List” for professional makeup applications. Offering prom makeup at a fixed and friendly price is a great way to build salon visibility and create excitement in store! Create ‘Pretty For Prom’ service packages where you can tie in hairstyles, eyebrow arches and makeup services for proms, weddings and any special occasion.

Feature Guest Makeup Artists: Work with your professional beauty distributors and manufacturers to bring in their educators and platform artists for a Makeup Open House event. You can also hire a special guest makeup artist for busy days and promote it through in-salon posters and counter cards. Coach your staff and receptionists to talk about your visiting guest makeup artist in advance. The front desk team should flag those days in your appointment book while mentioning it when any client books a follow-up salon appointment on those days.

Create Impulse Retail Sales: Display impulse items such as nail polish, eye shadows or clear lip gloss at your reception desk. Set up small tent cards and counter cards to promote these products. Consider a Buy 3 – Get 1 FREE! Sale.

Promote Wedding Party Services: Every woman wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day. Wedding parties are an easy add-on. Contact bridal planners in your area so they know that you offer makeup services. Create wedding party packages to promote your hair and makeup services for the entire wedding party.

Create Beautiful Portfolios: Start a Makeup Portfolio Stylebook of “Before” and “After” makeover photographs to share your makeup artistry talents. Keep this book available and open in the waiting area for clients to peruse while they wait for an appointment. Don’t be shy about asking clients for a link to their wedding pictures; people love to share their special memories. Encourage your staff to share this with any client who gets a new haircolor or makeover service.

Enhance Eyes With New Lashes: Buy natural flare false eyelashes in bulk. Offer applications for $10. This can add a very quick and elegant flair for someone who is makeup shy. The potential profit on eye lashes is huge and most clients can’t apply them on themselves. Consider offering and promoting new eyelash extension services.

Share Makeup News With Email Blasts: Send an email blast to your client list announcing new and seasonal makeup services. While you are at it, add it to a banner on your salon’s website home page. You shouldn’t entirely depend on you established salon traffic to get the word out. Offer makeup tips for your clients to take advantage of between salon visits, while promoting your special seasonal makeup events and promotions.

Publicize Your Makeup Expertise! Create an educationally oriented press release that can be send to the local media announcing new seasonal makeup trends, while sharing photographs with some of your makeup makeover artistry.

Use Professional Makeup Displays! Placement of your makeup station will be a key factor. A high traffic area will ensure maximum visibility. The tester unit should be immaculate at all times, with disposable testing applicators easily accessible.

Today, women love to be pampered! They may only be coming into your salon for a haircut, yet with the proper makeup products, staff and client education as well as colorful in-salon promotions, you will be able to successfully help your clients look and feel great with your professional makeup artistry services

Rachel Yount is a Marketing Associate at Marketing Solutions, a full service marketing, advertising, graphic design and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty industry. For more information, call 703-359-6000, email or visit

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