January 2010

Portland School Owner Sees Results in NAHA Winners and Former Students

Dianna Peterson with Naha WinnersDianna Peterson, owner of Beau Monde College of Hair Design located in Portland, Oregon, had the unique opportunity to see three former graduates from her school walk across the stage as past winners at the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA).

While attending the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) presentation of the NAHA awards, Peterson realized three of the past winners were graduates of hers. She thought, what an amazing experience for a school owner to have not only students that aspire such goals but also have achieved them.

Crae Hasler-Elliott, 1996 Haircolor winner joined Ryan and DeAnnalyn Teal 2008 winners of Salon Team of the year in the “red room” at Beau Monde College and shared their inspirations with Peterson as well as their future goals including competing again for the NAHA.

Some of the comments that stood out were things like “If you are interested in winning a competition, do your research. Know what won in the past, find out who did the photography was that took the winning pictures.”

“A good hairdresser should have up to five mannequins available at anytime to try things out on.” This coming from a group whose idea of fun is to get together and try thing out on hair that have not been tried before while having conversations about everything from baking hair to cutting holes in hair.

Peterson joked a bit with them about how they were not the easier students. Ryan joked about how he had color all over his white lab jacket on purpose so the roller set ladies would be afraid of him. It was interesting that they all said they wanted to try different things and they were never told they couldn’t.

It is interesting that a small school from the Northwest should spawn so many talented artists. Crae actually graduated before Ryan and DeAnnalyn and this unique group met as professionals. Beau Monde College has received many letters and phone calls over the years from graduates who have met great success from coast to coast and a few abroad as well.

The college has also hosted some international visits, The World Affairs Council of Oregon, arranged to have some visitors from Israel and the West Bank who were looking at vocational education in the U.S. “It was a great visit and of course we had them all braiding hair,” exclaimed Peterson. “We also hosted 30 young women from Japan and treated them to manicures and some nail art.”

Peterson said how busy they were in the Northwest hosting the annual event Day of Education when the school basically puts on a show for the students. Over 40 salons, barbershops, product representatives and platform artist were involved throughout the day.

Most of these vendors were also Beau Monde graduates giving the students a great opportunity to network with professionals. The Open House and Student Competitions were held on Dec 4, 2009. The students also did updo hairstyles for some of the school children participating in the singing Christmas tree.

Next event will be at the Portland bridal show in January as well as starting up the high school exploratory program in March and spring competitions.

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