January 2010

Photography Workshop with Babak and the Teals

Join Ryan Teal for a weekend of events February 20-22, 2010, meant to inspire the professional to be thrust out of their creative comfort zone. Legendary NAHA winning photographer Babak along with Ryan and DeAnnalyn Teal, two time NAHA nominees, 2008 North American Hairstyling Award Winners, and 2009 International Hairstylist of the Year, are offering a three-day program meant for the professional to attain proper knowledge to catapult themselves to the level of greatness.

Topics to be discussed include: Creativity — thinking outside the hairdresser box; Budgeting — figuring out what to pay photographers, makeup, wardrobe, and catering; Scheduling — setting an appropriate working time line including preproduction, shoot day, and taking your images to press; Art Form and Function — discussing art popular photographs line, shape movement and white space; and Publicity — what to do with the images once you have them, and how to use them in your salon-marketing program to boost business.

You can attend this program in two different ways, either as a participant actually doing a live photo shoot or as an observer just coming to watch and learn. For information or to purchase tickets call Ryan Teal 503-358-9032 or visit http://coolestsalon.com/education/?p=171

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