November 2009

Not Your Usual Updo Show

Amy Colvin Concepts are making an impression in the hair world. Colvin and her stage partner Melanie Lopez presented an action packed display of 16 updos to a crowd of stylists from all over the Midwest recently at her first show recently in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The four-hour show was successful as both Colvin and Lopez impressed the crowd with their fantastic updo skills. The next stop was The Mid-American Beauty Classic  in Columbus, Ohio where Colvin and her team taught a series of updos to four sold out classes with 500 stylists attending.

The hairstyles that were created on stage can be learned in greater detail by attending one of Colvin’s seminars. Four Hours of Updos seminar is a hands-on workshop that features specific looks and in her Foolproof Updoing seminar, stylists learn the tools to be able to recreate any updo they see. Both seminars are for CE hours accredited through the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. Bookings for the fall seminars are available at

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