November 2009

Show Your Work in Perfect Light

by Jayne Morehouse

To many salon owners, the idea of “remodeling” often conjures up visions of a total salon makeover. But that can be time consuming, expensive or even cost prohibitive. The good news is that little changes can make a big difference—especially when those changes involve updating the lighting in your salon.

By simply changing to a new lighting system designed specifically for salons that provides the full spectrum of natural light, you can see your work more accurately, virtually eliminating redos, create a more beautiful, comfortable environment for staff and clients alike, reduce eye strain, show your commitment to a “green” business and even save thousands a year on your electricity bill.

“I’ve always believed that once a salon is established, it’s more exciting for clients and the salon team to see continuous small changes year after year,” says Carmine Minardi, co-owner of Minardi Salon in New York City. “That means changing the flooring one year, the furniture the next. Constant changes create ongoing excitement and give your team something positive to talk to their clients and each other about.

“However, one of the most powerful makeovers you can give your salon, yet one of the fastest and least expensive, is to change your lighting. We saw the difference first hand, which led us to develop our Minardi Color Perfect Lighting with Eco-Lite Products. This full spectrum natural lighting had a dramatic impact from day one by allowing our team to see their work in the perfect light. Not only did it make the salon more attractive and comfortable, but it’s saving us more than $1,000 a month on our electric bill. It uses much less electricity and generates far less heat, so we run our air conditioning less often. It makes it easy to ‘go green’ in numerous meaningful ways.”

Adds Beth Minardi, co-owner of Minardi Salon and one of the foremost authorities on hair color excellence, “It’s impossible to create gorgeous color unless you are able to see exactly what you are doing. Most of us have been ‘dancing in the dark’ or working under fluorescent lights or even under a dark ceiling for years. Sadly, most salons simply are not lit to show color exactly as it is. That makes evaluation, correct consultation and formulation virtually impossible.”

When lighting your salon to maximize your work, consider these important tips:

How important is lighting to set the mood and ambiance? “When I was in Hollywood styling hair for the Emmy’s recently, I spoke in depth with an event planner to the stars,” says Minardi. “He explained to me that during Hollywood parties, the largest part of the budget is dedicated to lighting the venue. People walk into the room and remember the color of the room, and suddenly, the flowers, silver, tablecloths all become secondary. Or consider the lighting in a fine jewelry story. Doesn’t your best work deserve to be illuminated like diamonds?”

Jayne Morehouse is public relations director for Minardi Color Perfecting Lighting. Learn more at or call 800-345-9652.

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