September 2009

The Cachet Salon Celebrates 20 Years

Cachet Salon

The Cachet Salon, located in Columbus, is celebrating 20 years of service. As successful hair designers, Linda Castle and Emily Wilson bought the salon from their employers on August 14, 1989.

“Our success comes from our strong work ethic and consistent training that keeps us up with the newest trends in the industry,” Castle expounds on the reasons for their success.

Over 40 hair designers have been trained in their personalized apprenticeship program while all designers also get extensive coaching and marketing to ensure happy customers and good results.

While many people are cutting back on expenses, their clientele, it seems, are not willing to give up keeping their appointments at the salon but choose to cut back elsewhere.

“The clients of The Cachet are our top priority and that’s why they keep hints on how to get that “salon finish” at home.

Castle and Wilson believe the key to their success is choosing outstanding employees and having wonderful clients. Janice Clemons, who has been a stylist for 15 years said, “I enjoy the team atmosphere at The Cachet where everyone works together to help each other.”

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