September 2009

What Does Being A Successful Licensed Cosmetologist Mean to You?

 As a licensed professional, each of us has our own idea of what success is.

For Cindy Long, one Oregon Cosmetologist, school owner and former salon owner and educator, it is always pursuing something different and exciting.

 Cindy Long, owner of College of Hair Design Careers in Salem, has climbed the ladder of what success means to her. Starting her career in Wisconsin where she owned and operated two successful salons, Long moved to Oregon in 1998.

After arriving in Oregon, Long became employed at College of Hair Design Careers working for George Powell and Bob Mundt whom sold the college to Long in 2000. Two years later the Long’s purchased property and built a 7500 square foot building for the college.

 Some might consider this the pinnacle of their career but Long still felt there was something missing and more rungs on the ladder to climb. “Something I always teach the students is the opportunities with this career are endless,” she explained, “but my motto is, ‘if it is to be, it is up to me.’ ”

Long became an educator with Pro Design Grund Haircare and Ian Zachary Professional Color when she was invited to be a stage artist at the International Beauty show in New York City.

This show features many of the top artists in the world, and in the three days of this event an average of 50,000 people pass through the event center.

“This was the ultimate experience of a lifetime for me,” Long admitted. “Being on stage in front of this many professionals who want to learn from me was truly amazing. And to be able to share my knowledge plus network with so many people was just the frosting on the cake.”

 “What an experience to share with the students in the college,” Long exclaimed. “I want to tell them that it truly is up to each and every one of them what they make of their career and they can work toward their goals little by little; just never lose sight of what you really want and how important it is to you to achieve your goals.”

You CAN obtain whatever you want in this industry if you work hard; keep your focus; take one rung at a time on that ladder of success and just keep on climbing.

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