September 2009

The Key to a Fulfilling Career

by Scott Metzger

The beauty industry is not alone in mandating continuing education. Most professionals have to attend classes and seminars to keep their jobs and maintain a higher standard in this ever-changing world.

Today’s successful employees must be in a constant state of learning that places them at the forefront of ideas and trends. Those who stay current are the ones who move ahead, especially when opportunities are less available.

The best thing you can do, whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, is to research for the best possible education in your field. The money and time spent will be well worth it to get inspiration, creativity and knowledge. This should be an ongoing event throughout your career.

It is unfortunate many cosmetologists only take the minimum hours for continuing education every other year and put no thought into it. The old saying really is true “You get back what you put in.”

Most of the stylists that are very successful are mentors and have had training above and beyond any minimum requirement. The icons will always tell you that education is the key to an awesome career in all aspects.

There are so many opportunities for taking higher learning in all fields. An advanced academy offers the most in detail because the classes are usually small and are for more than one day. Some academies now offer one- or two-day classes or a series of weekends for more convenience. What ever it is that you want to learn, you can find a class. There are independent academies and corporate retail academies. An academy can also send educators on the road to individual salons or other venues.

It is important to understand a system of cutting hair that allows you to be able to handle any texture of hair, client suitability and knowledge of body positioning to get the kind of angles on both sides of the head required to create a great haircut. The emphasis should not be on the “hair cut of the month,” but in a system that works in being able to create a shape that is current, flattering and easy to manage.

Having a large repertoire of shapes and knowing suitability can put you in the forefront of your peers. Not only will you be sought after by clients, but other stylists will want to learn from you. Knowledge puts you on track for a very exciting career.

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