September 2009

Educational Support Opportunities

By Ken Cassidy

There is something magical that happens when a beauty professional comes to the conclusion they are ready to learn. The doors just open for them.

Whether they are a booth renter, a salon owner or a manager they can get education. And the education may come through a coaching company or with an expert industry consultant or at a trade show.

Education isn’t all you get at trade shows; it is an excellent place to gather your thoughts and get new ideas as well as being exposed to beauty industry greats. Getting all this information helps you focus and see the challenge as it pertains to you; however, you learn not only from professionals but from everyone you come in contact with.

For those who do their homework after attending a trade show, a coaching company can be selected to continue helping an owner achieve a higher level of efficiency. Here a good coaching company will evaluate your company’s challenges through an interview process to determine what you want your end results to look like.

In this process a good coaching company will work with you on a one-on-one basis or with your management team to accomplish your goals. A coach will assist you in overcoming your fears by empowering your good points to achieve your results. A coaching company’s point of view makes them committed to bring out the best in you for your company whether you have one or 100 employees or booth renters.

Beauty industry consultants can be a wealth of knowledge to assist you with a project you are unfamiliar with. Usually you have the opportunity to gain from the years of their experience where they learned by making mistakes so you won’t have to. That way you won’t have to go through that same learning curve.

Almost all consultants specialize in one or two areas of expertise and like coaches if they run across an area they do not excel in they will refer you to a company that does to make sure you get the very best of them and /or from their company.

One thing for sure, all three options, (trade shows, coaching and using a consultant), offer excellent opportunities to get great exposure. Also, these three types offer support material that can be done on your own to get ready for the next level.

Ken Cassidy is president of Kassidy’s Salon management Consulting Co. He has over 17 years of business consulting experience in the beauty industry with employees, booth renters and independent contractors. He is a current salon owner, stylist and educator. For more information go to or call 562/432-4462.