August 2009

Build Your Business with Cosmetics

By Adrienne Kramer

Why do women buy a new lipstick?

Actually, for a variety of reasons—they bought a new dress, have a date or special event to attend; they want a quick pick me up or even because they lost their favorite tube.

Or, it could be as simple as they saw a new color they loved and HAD to have it. In fact, the lipstick market continues to grow because there is nothing to cap its usage. Are your clients buying their lipsticks and other cosmetics from you, their chosen beauty adviser?

The single most important factor that influences consumers to buy cosmetics is emotion! But today’s client is also different than she was last year. She’s spending less on her hair, probably appointment stretching by at least a couple of weeks. According to a recent panel of modern women of all ages and races, today’s client calls herself a “frugalista” and she’s watching every dollar.

The good news is that beauty matters to her and she is willing to spend her money on what’s important to her. She may streamline extraneous beauty rituals, but she realizes that premium products prove themselves, and she will spend money for things that demonstrate high quality and value for the dollar.

Here, are some tips for building your cosmetics business.

Adrienne Kramer is president of Mirabella Beauty, salon professionals’ No. 1 choice for cosmetics. For more information visit

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