July 2009

Mr. Oscar’s June Bauer celebrates 80th

June Bauer and her husband, Oscar Bauer, opened Mr. Oscar Hair Stylist in Portland over 50 years ago. On July 3, June Bauer turned 80.

June Bauer
June Bauer has been styling hair for over 50 years.

“We opened the shop May 18, 1957 — 52 years ago,” she said. “I’ve worked all that time.”

“I’ve really appreciated all the clients over the years. Those are wonderful relationships.” Bauer said several loyal customers have stayed with them the whole 52 years. “I’ve really enjoyed their company as well their business.”

June Bauer remains with her children at the salon, where she’s proud to say three generations of the Bauer family either work or plan to work there.

“I’m glad I’m still coming to work,” June Bauer said. She was pragmatic about her working life. “When you work all the time and raise a family, you don’t learn to play golf or go to lunches. But those things don’t matter to me.”

The third generation of Bauers are either in the hair-styling business or are preparing to become involved in the business.

“All my children have done real well to be professionals,” Bauer said. “They’re great hair stylists. They make me very proud of them and their work ethic.” Happy Birthday June!

Article and photo courtesy of the Mid-County Memo Newspaper. www.midcountymemo.com/june09_biz.html