July 2009

Glen Dow Celebrates 40 Years of Education, Beauty, and Community

Glen Dow Academy

Going into its 40th year in business Glen Dow Academy has something to celebrate.

Founded in 1969 and established under the guidance of Glen E. Dow, the Academy has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the top beauty schools in the nation besides being the longest nationally accredited cosmetology school in the state of Washington.

Dow began his career in the beauty business as a 1954 graduate of Riggs-LaMar Institute in Akron, Ohio and then the Morris School of Beauty in Spokane, Washington in 1956. He owned an existing salon starting in 1958 and also operated the first human wig hair goods store in Spokane in 1970. When a beauty school located in downtown Spokane became available in 1969 Dow bought it and made it eponymous as well as implemented new lessons and policies. Today the Academy consists of a staff of 18 employees and up to a 140 enrolled students in four courses.

Dow’s son, Martin enrolled in the cosmetology program in 1979. Licensed in 1980, Martin’s career was accelerated when he obtained a position as a platform artist for an impressive design team with the Zotos company.

On May 9, 2009 the Glen Dow Academy celebrated their 40th Anniversary. Graduates and associates of the academy from as far as Chicago and as far back as 1975 attended the celebration. Glen E. Dow, also made an appearance at the celebration, which featured wine, appetizers, and a fashion show highlighting the past four decades.

For more information about the school’s programs and services go to www.glendow.com.


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