June 2009

Increase Your Earning Potential as a Colorist

by Gail Brook

Now that you are certified to color hair, there is an entire beauty industry waiting to help you become much sought after as a professional.

You have heard the stories of super salaries and seen the TV super stylists producing multi-million viewer (and $$$) shows. How do you achieve that for yourself?

It all starts with selling yourself as a professional business person. We develop and project a professional image by learning and increasing the biz and technical side, not just the hair duties.

“Too complicated and expensive,” you say? Not at all; It doesn’t even necessarily involve a class or seminar. Here are some valuable tips to promote your profession:

Know Your Products: Due to the enhanced media information available today through the internet, the public has never been more aware and informed of what they use for their body, skin and hair. It is your job as the professional in haircoloring to be aware of, at least, the main contents and benefits, as well as any warnings of the products you use.

Safety First: Good haircolor is a science and you work in the chemistry lab. Use safe, good quality products and keep MSDS sheets on hand for your clients.

Customer Service: People seek out and are willing to pay extra for good professional services, safe and high quality products, and excellent customer service. You will need to help your client understand what their color problem is and the technique you, as a professional, will use to fix it.

They work harder, faster-paced, and more efficiently than at any other time in history and are expecting the same of you. Rev up your client awareness factor and respect of their time, beauty needs and expectations. Good customer service will increase your capability to charge well for your services and set you apart from other colorists.

Networking/Advertising: You will meet many talented, more experienced and knowledgeable colorists along the way. Ask them if you can observe a special color process or consult them with reasonable questions. Most people are flattered when asked for advice and have a bit of the teacher in them. With the implementation of Facebook, My Space, chat rooms, and more recently like Twitter, these inexpensive ways of advertising is a great source of networking to new clients and other, business-minded hairdressers.

Gail Brook is the director for Color Express, a manufacturer of anti-oxidant hair color additives. For more information call Color Express, Inc. (888) 847-7633 or visit www.colorexpress.org

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