May 2009

Bringing Your Product to Market

How many beauty products have we all seen come and go in our industry?

Some lines have longer lives than others in the marketplace and often, that has to do with how much homework the people behind the products did up front.

If you’re the entrepreneurial type that dreams of having your own product line out there one day soon, just remember the dream becomes real and has longevity if you’re willing to put the time in up front to do the proper research.

Getting the right start in your exciting new business venture is as important as the final product showing up on the shelves and in the hands of the customer.

According to beauty product and business consultant Lynn Ludlam, developing your own line of products does not require a rocket science background, but it does require both your creative head and your business head. The idea, of course, is to increase your bottom line and deliver a higher gross margin or profit from your product investment, Ludlam said, but there are a few things that developers consistently overlook.

Here’s what some of the top beauty industry experts have to say to guide you in your product development process.  

GUY L. LANGER, President of Qumulus Group LLC which specializes in cosmetic and nutritional technologies, ingredients, product development, marketing:

IRENA KOJOUHARAVA, Business Development Director at JT Brands, distributor of exquisite beauty brands from around the world:

LYNN LUDLAM, Product and Business Development Consultant of Isis Consulting:

LINDA BERTAUT, President, Beauty Industry West (BIW). An esthetican, educator and author, Bertaut has designed her own Energy-Infused Cosmetics line, Face Options and an aromatherapy Mood Bar, Petal Potions:

Beauty Industry West (BIW) is a non-profit West Coast beauty trade organization dedicated to educating and providing resources for companies and entrepreneurs who want to develop their own personal care and beauty brand. From raw ingredients to product development, packaging and design to contract manufacturing, marketing and sales, BIW whose website ( is a vital resource and platform for networking with peers, clients and suppliers.

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