April 2009

Michael’s Salon and Spa Googles at Higher Rate and Revenues Increase

 By Kim Ash, Project Manager, Media Group at Michael’s

The Media Group at Michael’s just finished revamping Michael’s Salon website and are pleased with the results. When we started the online project, www.michaelssalon.com was virtually impossible to find through a Google search. If you Googled “Salons in Dayton Ohio” Michael’s didn’t show up until page 16. Not good for business. How would potential customers find the best salon in Dayton?

With Yellow Pages fast becoming obsolete and customers going online to learn more about salon services before booking an appointment, we had to find a way to get Michael’s to the top of the list. And we did. We were able to do this without paying for sponsorships or pricey ad placements.

First, we made some very simple changes to the Michael’s Salon and Spa’s website using targeted keywords and phrasing. This was a great first step and now Google could find the site, but it wasn’t enough to keep the site number 1.

Search engines look for updates while indexing the web, so we needed to find a way that new content could easily be added to the site without involving a web programmer. We did this by adding a blog. Adding a blog to the site made it easy for salon staff to inform people about products, services, post pictures of their work and even offer specials.

The results were unbelievable. In one week, ten new clients found the salon through a Google search.

A regular client at Michael’s Salon typically schedules services about every six to eight weeks. With an average client ticket of $50 per visit, that’s $600 a year. Times that by 10 new clients, they have increased revenues by $6,000.

We learned you have to engage the internet user and you have to have a strong web presence. Did you know that over 80 percent of US adults use the internet and over 75 percent of those adults use the internet daily? Google searches account for more than half of all web searches. Make sure if your business is “Googled” the search engine can find you.

For information go to www.mediagrouponline.com.

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