April 2009

Talent Abounds at Energizing Summit

The 2009 Energizing Summit, to be held May 31 – June 1, 2009 in Los Angeles, boasts more haircolor educators than any other event of this type setting a new standard in haircolor education.

“There is no giant arena with projectors, most classes have only 30 students,” said Andre Nizetich, President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, (ABCH) who is hosting the event. There are several classes taught from the ABCH curriculum. These classes will aid individuals who would like to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist.

The classes cover all levels of haircoloring skills. A few of the hands-on classes require some dimensional haircoloring experience. There are 37 hands-on classes which range from technical nuts and bolts of dimensional haircolor and classes such as Speed Foiling, Tone on Tone, to Foil Placement Exposed. Then, there are the more creative hands-on classes such as Techniques for gray hair and The Harmony of Haircoloring. Each hands-on class has only 30 people, and all of the materials are furnished. There is an array of specially designed mannequins to be used for hands-on classes. Mannequins with an outgrowth as well as mannequins with previously highlighted hair.

Some of the top educators in the country will be participating in the event such as Tom Dispenza, Roy Peters, Sandra and Bryan Smith, Dhaniel Doud and Deb Rosenburg. Special guests who will be teaching will be Dennis Gebhard: A Blueprint for Haircolor, and a special appearance by Don and Flonnie Westbrook teaching: How to Make Millions Coloring Hair. They own one of the most successful salons in America. Other instructors include, Wendy Bond, always a delight to watch. Imagine being able to do a hands on class ith her.

The Energizing Summit is held in Los Angeles at the LAX Marriott Hotel. The cost to attend the Summit is $275.00 for ABCH members, or $375.00 for non-ABCH members. Visit www.haircolorist.com to sign up early for classes as they will fill up quickly.