September 2008

Spa Parties Build Business

By Jan Heinrich

Many salons find spa parties to be a fun and easy alternative to expensive advertising.

These fun spa parties promote the salon and fill your appointment books. They also increase homecare product sales.

Spa party results are very favorable, with homecare sales averaging between $400-$800—as well as the additional in-salon services you book. Salon technicians are excited to have the increased business and find it easy to work with clients gained at the parties. The party results are so successful that some salons schedule spa parties every week.

Many salon clients who want to know more about your services will attend a non-committal spa party to learn about them. Encourage them to bring along a friend, perhaps their mother or daughter.

Pre-registration is important. One technician can coordinate a party of six or seven, but more attendees will require a helper. It is beneficial to share the party with another salon technician. A massage therapist, a manicurist or a facialist could each promote their specialty services at the party. Have each salon technician personally invite eight or nine clients.

The party: The technician will do a linen body wrap or a spa service on one attendee while the others watch, ask questions and “ooh” and “ah” at the results. While the client is lounging in the body wrap, others will have a masking done on one hand, a skin polish done on one arm, a foot and callus treatment on one foot, a facial contour wrap or an underarm toning wrap. Each attendee will have one demonstration treatment done while others watch.

The party room is set up with samples of product for everyone to try. The purpose of the spa party is for clients to experience products and treatments. You can determine the success of the party by the amount of homecare product sold and treatment services scheduled.

It is wise for the party room to display some of your homecare kits. Every product used in the demonstrations, if it has homecare sizes available, should be available for attendees to purchase or order.

Skincare makes for an easy spa party, and healthy products reveal a visual difference in the look and feel of one’s skin after only one application. An inch-loss body wrap is easy to apply and be able to show the measurable difference of before and after the spa demonstration treatment.

Jan Heinrich is managing director for Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Company in Portland, Oregon. For more information regarding party setup, invitations and follow-up, call 503-666-9661 or visit

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