September 2008


Aladdin Beauty College Steps Up to Support Fight Against Breast Cancer

Aladdin Beauty College in Fort Worth stepped up in a major way to support the Brush with Greatness event, a fundraiser designed to help fight and prevent breast cancer.

The college’s corporate office donated 600 gift bags containing Peter Hantz Products’ ShaMoya Shampoo, Intensive Conditioner and Briese Hairspray for use in wellness bags for area women facing cancer.

The cosmetology school also gave away three $5,000 scholarships and one full tuition waiver valued at more than $13,000. The winners of the scholarships were Alida Fitzgerald (full scholarship), Claudia Jones ($5,000), Natalee Tyson ($5,000) and Shelly Miller ($5,000).

Additionally, five students from the school, Andrea Petersen, Vincent Silmon, Veronica Vargas, Adriana Ortiz and Drae Sparks-West, worked several hours and performed approximately 25 free manicures at the event.

“The students and staff at Aladdin Beauty College recognize the importance of helping others, whether it’s a special event to fight breast cancer, or something on a professional level, such as helping a patron look and feel their best,” exclaimed Cathy Young, director of the school.

Aladdin Beauty College in Fort Worth has more than 4,000 square feet of modern, air-conditioned space. The school offers an upscale clinic where students perform services under the supervision of a licensed cosmetology instructor.

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