September 2008

Choosing a Career in Beauty

By Lynelle Lynch

With the fall semester kicking off at colleges around the country, many young adults are pondering the direction of their future careers.

Many of those who are still undecided on which career path to take may actually be clients of your salon, friends, family members or acquaintances. This gives you an incredible opportunity to communicate the extraordinary benefits of a career in beauty and help influence their decision. And don’t worry about creating competition for yourself. Many spas and salons are understaffed which means there are plenty of opportunities to go around.

Should anyone inquire about the advantages of a beauty career, here are 10 reasons to help you explain why it’s the way to go:

1. Endless Opportunities: The most obvious is servicing clients while working in a salon or spa, but it doesn’t end there. Here are just a few of the many options…

2. Great Demand: The job openings are greater than the number of licensed professionals. According to industry experts, for decades there has been a shortage of skilled, licensed salon professionals, so the industry has had virtually a zero-percent unemployment rate. Research by the International Spa Association indicates that employment in the spa industry demonstrates an average annual growth of 11 percent.

3. Flexibility: Have control of your schedule and select the hours and days that work best for you. Even cosmetology school offers this same level of flexibility, which makes beauty an incredible career choice for parents, those making a career change or high school graduates who need to support themselves while in school.

4. Unlimited Income Potential: Besides being recession proof, cosmetologists can potentially earn a six-figure annual income. Those with the right instruction and foundation can maximize their earning power through marketing and various business-building tactics.

5. People Business: If you’re great at networking, you are bound to be successful in this industry. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and will create a lifetime of friends and contacts.

6. Movies and Television: If you’re drawn to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, movie and television, sets need stylists and make-up artists to prep celebs so they are camera ready.

7. Editorial, Fashion Shoots and Runway: Beauty is an incredibly sexy, fashion-driven industry. Style mavens can shape beauty trends when working on designer runway shows and photo shoots.

8. Artistic: It’s often very difficult to earn a living as an artist. However, beauty is a highly creative field that allows artists to express themselves while also making ends meet.

9. Highly Stimulating: Beauty is a constant evolution, which means there are endless opportunities for growth and learning and constant stimulation.

10. Feel Good Industry: Beauty is all about health and living the good life. You’ll work in a positive, creative environment where you’ll have more energy and fun, and less stress.

It’s important that we consistently recruit new candidates to keep our profession invigorated and to help it continue to grow. New blood brings fresh inspiration and imagination to the table, as well as the energy and enthusiasm that can be found in those who have just discovered how amazing the world of beauty truly is. In fact, we should always be shouting from the rooftops how incredible our profession is.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone who shows the slightest spark of interest—if they do choose beauty, they’ll thank you for it in the end.

Lynelle Lynch is the president of San Diego Beauty Academies consisting of three academies in California — The Academy of Beauty & Spa, Je Boutique College, and Bay Vista College. For more information visit