August 2008

Defying Perceptions With Creative Hair Extension Artistry

By Hanh M. Tran

I would really like to see the respect, pride, credibility and prestige brought back to our salon industry and us.

When people calculate our respect by our income, there’s something interesting to know. Although as creative hairstylists people often categorize us as blue-collar professionals, we can make just as much or more than our friends who are white-collar professionals.

Doing hair extensions precisely and accurately has generated a fabulous six-figure income for many hairstylists. To make the same true of you, there are some things you should do.

No matter what product or technology you work with, you must believe in it while being able to share the specific benefits with both your salon staff and your clients. Aim for a 100 percent satisfaction rate by using a reliable and proven hair extension system.

Your hair extension artistry makes it possible to customize and match any variety of hair textures and haircolor shades your client may desire. You can deliver a finished total look that is exceptionally stunning, yet undetectable—impossible to know of the client is even wearing hair extensions. This ability starts with proper training and certification.

As a hairstylist, when you take a hair-extension certification workshop, you should expect to also gain important knowledge of client consultations and marketing. You must learn how to determine the desired hair design with how many hair grafts or pieces will be required. You must learn precision in your application procedures, troubleshooting unexpected challenges, how to blend and cut your client’s hair as well as how to best consult with them for follow-ups and haircare maintenance between salon visits.

After taking such in-depth workshops, many hair extensionists report that, after several applications, they even have a better understanding of haircolor placement and haircut sectioning.

Basic and advanced education will be your key to success, as you learn that hair extensions will take you beyond merely adding new length to meet your client’s desires. You will learn how to best use a combination of new haircolor, highlights, lowlights, volume, texture and length with hair extensions.

As it is with our haircuts, haircolor, perms, hairstyling or any other creative salon services, not gaining the proper training, practice and knowledge can be very detrimental.

Hair design is a unique and creative artistry. Achieve success through products that use a combination of science, technology and research, and complete them with your expert knowledge, skills and creativity.

For every incredible action, there is an even more incredible reaction. With proper hair extension education, you will command prestige and respect for yourself and for our industry.

Hanh Tran is president of SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions, Texas as well as a member of the National Education Team. For more information, call 817-548-5659, 888-460-3031 or visit or