August 2008


Lash Out — Expand Your Menu with Eyelash Extensions

By Anne Moratto

We all know women have a natural lash lust. Capitalize on this addiction and learn the art of eyelash extensions.
This service has beautiful, eye-opening results that offer women long, dark, butterfly lashes. With training, practice and reliable products, this service is an eye-deal way to build your business.

For your clients and for yourself, hands-on training sessions are invaluable. They teach you proper technique and allow you to create a set of lashes that will be like a fluttering pair of business cards on every client.

Lash extensions are individual lashes applied directly to natural lashes using semi-permanent adhesives. The glue sits at the very end of the hair follicle, not touching the skin.

When properly applied and taken care of, eyelash extensions will last through the four to eight week cycle of hair growth, and will fall off when the natural lash is shed. This means you can schedule touch-ups every two to four weeks to maintain a full lash line.

Depending on your expertise, a set of lashes will take from 30 minutes to two hours to complete. Many lash artists bundle services at this appointment time, sharing space with a manicurist or offering other treatments. Professionals are charging from $150 to $600 per application. Many salons and spas will offer a set price package for first time application and touch-ups.

Proper extension training will emphasize a number of points including the importance of hygiene, choosing the proper adhesive, client setup and consultation, taping procedure prior to application, aftercare of lashes, lash extension removal, designing the eyes and corrective lash techniques.

Michelle Bouse, make-up artist to many Hollywood celebrities including the Camp Rock Girls, began doing extensions nearly three years ago. She is now a global master educator for LashBeLong, and Bouse performs at least 25 lash services a week at her salon.

“Lash extensions are better than a facelift,” exclaimed Bouse. “As we age, the skin around the eyes sags and droops. Extensions open the eyes and give the illusion of lifting the eyes. ”

We wink, seduce and entrance with our eyes. Help women get their flirt on by offering to create lush, lovely lashes for them. Learn extensions and your clients will be all a flutter.

Anne Moratto is the director of public relations and advertising at American International and represents LashBeLong, an eyelash extension system created by the makers of Ardell lashes. For more information, call 800-621-9585 or visit