July 2008


Ohio Professional Cosmetologist
Association Annual Student Competition

The Ohio Professional Cosmetologist Association would like to recognize the first place winners for their annual statewide student competition. Nineteen schools, 211 competitors, several hundred models, supporters and volunteers attended.

First place winners:

Ladies Team:

Congratulations to all of the students, dedicated teachers and supporters who participated.

Ohio Professional Cosmetologist Association is gearing up for our next statewide student competition on November 17, 2008. They will be sending out competition packages to all Ohio cosmetology schools in September. This event adds excitement to the school curriculum and helps reinforce skills the teachers work hard to share with the students.

The Ohio Professional Cosmetology Association (OPCA) will maintain the highest standard of professionalism and integrity, serving and protecting their members and profession by providing quality education and maintaining our lawful rights through careful monitoring of legislation. For more information, visit www.ohio-pca.com or call 614-855-1838. To volunteer, call 614-237-1727.