June 2008

Merging Medicine and Esthetics

The role of the esthetician and cosmetologist is rapidly changing. The job title “facialist” is swiftly disappearing and being replaced by the designation “skincare professional.”

People expect their skincare professionals to treat many skin disorders—sometimes alone, sometimes alongside a physician or medical professional. Clients are looking to skincare professionals to guide them through a maze of technological options and skincare products. They are often a trusted referral and informational source when the client is considering a cosmetic surgical procedure.

More and more, skincare, technology and products are straddling both the world of beauty and medicine. Skincare professionals have many questions and few places to turn for answers. Until now, there were limited opportunities to assist estheticians and cosmetologists in filling their continuing education needs.

Associated Medical and Aesthetic Skincare Professionals was formed to provide a platform to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to skincare and to create a forum for specialists to share ideas and utilize those ideas in their field of practice. Its focus is on accredited education.

The association’s mission is to bridge the gap between the medical skincare providers and their salon and spa counterparts. It brings top professionals to Northeastern Ohio to speak on the most current developments and findings in the industry.

For more information, call 440-289-8247, e-mail scientificskincare@gmail.com or visit www.scientificskincareinstitute.com.